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Solar Return Brenda

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11 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR BRENDA Important Features Uranus in Taurus (5° Tau 19'R) Uranus in the Tenth House Focal planet of planetary pattern Uranus in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of enlightenment, change and freedomseeking activity over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Uranus placed in the tenth house this year, the emphasis for unexpected change is in your professional endeavors, status and reputation, as well as your destiny. It is likely that you will experience dramatic changes in your life path this year. In many cases this indicates a total career upheaval. Regardless of the chaos, you will discover what vocation you are meant to be pursuing. In some cases you will need to combine a career change with relocation. If you remain in the same profession you might experience a great deal of disruption with an authority figure. If this happens it might be at your own provocation since the desire to have more freedom might conflict with your boss. Your honor or reputation might go through some ups and downs this year. It is possible for you to express your need for freedom in such a public way that others see you as unsteady and unreliable rather than progressive. It's likely that if your career status does not change, your personal status will. Divorce is one possible scenario, or some type of break from what is usually a more stable living situation. If you use this energy to embrace the changes in your life and understand they are meant to help you move closer towards your highest calling, it's will be easier for you to go with the ebb and flow this year. Saturn in Capricorn (14° Cap 19') Saturn in the Seventh House Angular planet - conjunct Descendant Saturn in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of additional responsibility and concentration, perhaps contraction, over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Saturn placed in the Seventh House this year, there will likely be an emphasis on gaining clarity in your partnerships through reviewing the manner in which you relate to others. You may also find greater depth of commitment toward partners in your life over the course of this twelve-month period. If you are married or involved in a pre-existing business partnership then you will likely face these committed relationships with greater responsibility. You could feel burdened by a partner's needs but your feelings of devotion are apt to be enduring nonetheless.

12 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR BRENDA If you are single there is likely to be a change in the way that you regard partnership in your life. You could be on the lookout for greater commitment potential, or become aware of your need or fear of commitment. When you attempt to form new partnerships this year any and all of these considerations might apply, so that you could become buried under the weight of the responsibility it brings or else willingly adjust to the pressure of greater involvement. It's also possible that this is a year when you will feel personally limited in some capacity because of your partner. Resistance can come up in partners as you attempt to give focus to the details and structure of your relationship. It's also possible for you and a partner to face your problems directly over the course of these twelve months and apply qualities of realism in order to gain more stability and security together. Accepting inherent restriction and acting in a practical way to address it is one way to ensure lasting love for many years to come. Neptune in Pisces (16° Pis 32'R) Neptune in the Eighth House With Neptune placed in the eighth house of your Solar Return chart, over this twelvemonth period leading up to your next birthday there is a spiritual emphasis on your acute insight into the motivations of others. The key will be for you to transcend this awareness and use it for healing rather than for personal gain of any kind. This year marks a special period of time for you when you are extremely sensitive to the emotional undercurrents between you and others and when you might forced in one way or another to delve down deep into the ongoing development your psyche and your motivations for intimacy. This potentially results in realizations that could revolutionize your approach in these areas. You could also encounter deception, either self-imposed from your own idealized feelings or because of the effect upon you of the deceit of important others, such as sexual partners, or else become confused as to where an intimate relationship is actually heading and what really draws you together. The process of transformation you are capable of when you confront your inner motivation is a priceless gift of this time period. Since your ability to lift the veil into the human frailty of others is so strong, this could be a year when you help others to confront their own inner demons. This year, it is also possible for there to be a great deal of confusion and uncertainty surrounding the finances you share with others. You may also be confused about your own motivations regarding hidden factors of your relationships or question your sexuality. All of this could serve the purpose of aligning your spirit with divine truth. Behind the

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