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Solar Return Brenda

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13 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR BRENDA temporary nature of this physical world you could find the more truly significant importance of inner realms. If you can avoid the pitfalls, this can be quite a valuable time for you in opening you up to a truer sense of compassion and oneness with intimate partners in your life. The events of this year - plus the sensitivity that you experience with yourself and others - may lead you to a more solid acceptance of your partners and more importantly, of yourself. Other Natal Planets Mercury in Scorpio (9° Sco 48') Mercury in the Fourth House Angular planet - conjunct Nadir Mercury in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of mental intensity and focus over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Mercury in the Fourth House, your mind is preoccupied with the past. Early childhood memories and upbringing, and your ties to tradition and heritage will likely be a strong focus. Over the course of this year-long period of time, family is on your mind. Whether it is your family of origin or creation, communication with them takes on added significance. If you are a parent, you be spending a great deal of time on important decisions in this area. Communication in all forms, both verbal and written, could revolve around your home and family life with them. You might also gain a new perspective regarding certain decisions that were made in the past during your own upbringing. Security issues could also weigh heavily on your mind this year. Emotional security through your family is an important focus, possibly including considerations of financial security through to the end of your life. Decisions might also be made during this year concerning your physical home or your living arrangements within it. What is most fascinating for you this year is that your mind has such a receptive ability to access the most unconscious part. You will have a more direct understanding of your soul and innermost needs. You can harness this mental energy in a way that allows you to become more true to yourself and your feelings. Mars in Libra (4° Lib 06') Mars in the Third House Leading planet of planetary pattern Mars in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of outwardly expressed energy and focus over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Mars in the Third House, direct, honest and outspoken communication is your style over this period. You might even come across as

14 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR BRENDA confrontational or argumentative -better at talking than listening. You're a fast talker this year, aggressively communicating ideas at lightning speed. You may be so wrapped up in the flow of your own ideas that you exhibit little regard for editing yourself in the process. You will eagerly initiate new learning experiences during this year and your energy for asserting the power of your mind is a most valuable gift. The problem however, is that you may not be as thorough in your ability to collect information since your style is more to attack first and analyze later than to filter the data appropriately to your deeper understanding. During this period you might take up a subject and pursue it wholeheartedly, although you could also tend to scatter your energy. You are able to learn quickly and to discourse well on your ideas. You might need to watch your tone of voice since you could come across as loud and overly passionate regardless of your actual intentions. You make a powerful and motivating public speaker this year, with the strength and courage to express yourself forcefully, especially when you're able to curb the potential to overdo it. You might also succeed as a teacher or writer over these twelve months. It is important to examine your concepts and to carefully think before you speak or act, since in any case your voice will be heard. Jupiter in Sagittarius (19° Sag 35') Jupiter in the Sixth House Jupiter in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of positive attitude and favorable circumstances over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Jupiter placed in the Sixth House, you can expect an expansion in terms of daily life and the work that you do, as well as an idealized focus on your calling. In terms of health, these twelve months could prove to be quite beneficial. You might decide to expand your awareness of health practices in general or learn more about mind, body and spirit connections. However, since Jupiter expands whatever it touches, there is also the potential for your diet and habits to move in the direction of greater and greater excess, especially if this is a path that you are already on. If you become aware that this is the case, there is still time to reverse this tendency by using your acute powers of the higher mind that is yours to apply to this important area of your life. It's also probable that your workload will increase, but at the same time you will find greater fulfillment in your job and even in relationships with your co-workers or employees. Although you will be busy, it is not

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