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Solar Return Brenda

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15 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR BRENDA likely that you will mind. There is a strong capacity for you to find joy through work this year. In addition to your normal work, you might decide to be of service in other ways. There is great potential for an enhanced perspective tending toward a sense of duty toward others that could prompt you to take on a more active role in helping those in need. You also might develop over the course of this year a new sense of your mission that you came into this lifetime to fulfill. Pluto in Capricorn (20° Cap 39') Pluto in the Seventh House With Pluto placed in the seventh house of your Solar Return chart, over the twelvemonth period leading to your next birthday there is an emphasis on transformation and regeneration of your partnerships and your ability to effectively relate to others. This will likely be a pivotal and life altering year for you in terms of your most intimate relationships or those with a business partner or a close friend. If you are presently unattached, this year might find you meeting someone with whom you share a penetrating karmic link. You could call it fated love. You are apt to confront your own demons within the context of these very different types of partnerships and examine how to reach for greater clarity, or look to the places where your projections cloud the issue. Additionally you might be forced in some way to acknowledge situations where personal authority has been lost or where you have been mistaken with others that you are connected with, in attempting to rob them of their power. You can deepen commitments in a profound way if you are willing to use this energy to understand the greater karmic implications of your actions. You might want to ask yourself - what are you meant to learn from each other that has the ultimate effect of enhanced soul growth and positive transformation? The lessons of relationship will require you taking an honest look at your shadow side as well as potentially that of your partner. You might take a trip to the dark side of each other's souls. The ultimate purpose is that you get to know yourself better at all levels. Darkness comes in many shades and at least one distills down to fear. If you are able to learn to recognize what you dread in terms of partnering you can truly benefit from this placement of Pluto. Confronting your relationship fears is crucial for inner success in this climactic and powerful year. Chiron in Aries (3° Ari 03'R) Chiron in the Ninth House Chiron in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of difficulty that is likely to come up over this twelve-month period until your next

16 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR BRENDA birthday where there will be also an opportunity to heal. With Chiron placed in the Ninth House this year, the healing emphasis is on issues of higher mind. Chiron in the Ninth House of your Solar Return chart indicates that it is possible over the course of this year-long period of time for you to encounter painful feelings regarding abstracting and understanding universal truth. There might be some form of painful realization surrounding your habitual attitude toward the pursuit of wisdom, or perhaps in the area of philosophy or religion. It may be that parental figures had different notions than you did of how the world makes sense, but for one reason or another you didn't take them on. This is a subtle placement and you might find you are only slightly aware of these types of issues as they come up. This might also be the year that you develop a more inclusive philosophical basis regarding the dark parts of yourself that you have walled away or avoided as unpleasant. It may be that parental influences or the influence of a parental-like authority figure tended to force you in a particular direction that you had no real calling for, perhaps the common ideals of consensus reality, and you were left with the painful decision of which to abandon, your parental guidepost, or your own understanding. These hidden places within you stem from early childhood, when trauma was sustained without the possibility of properly dealing with it at the time. It is also possible for there to be issues that only now come to light regarding scholastic achievement. You might be high-functioning in this area, but it could be that nagging doubts that you are not really good enough have spurred you on, rather than a pure love of learning. In any case it will be an excellent year for exploring the dark places within you and moving toward acceptance and healing in these areas. Other Aspects Mars in strong opposition (within 1.1 degrees) with Chiron The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. With Mars conjunct or in dynamic aspect to Chiron in your Solar Return chart, over this twelve-month period until your next birthday there is an emphasis on healing deep-seated wounds you may have regarding selfassertion. This is a year when you might find that painful issues emerge with the way that you assert your will. You might be afraid of really stepping out and showing yourself in your true colors, for a variety of reasons, and this could be the year that you get closer to acknowledging how you have been wounded

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