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Solar Return Brenda

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3 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR BRENDA Over the course of this year you might overcome a major fear that has inhibited your self-expression in the past. In any case you will work diligently toward self-improvement. In the most positive manifestation of this energy the extra focus that you bring to bear will help to crystallize the most enduring and mature parts of yourself. Sun in bi-quintile (within 0.5 degrees) with Moon Ruler of rising sign The planetary energies are positively linked, subtle, and spiritual in dimension. With the Sun in minor flowing aspect to the Moon in your Solar Return chart, over the twelve-month period until your next birthday there will be an emphasis on personal transformation. This is a pleasant alignment and symbolizes a year of many changes that will be relatively easy to assimilate. The house placement of the Sun will have an added importance over this year-long period so read that section of this report carefully. There will be perhaps subtle changes that take place over the course of this year in the areas of domestic scene versus career, private versus public commitments, or ego versus emotional needs, which could take on a spiritual dimension. Things are likely to proceed smoothly and with little conflict. Because you are likely to have good agreement in terms of your conscious and unconscious awareness pertaining to the area of life in which this alignment manifests, you might not notice the changes that you are in the midst of until you look back with the perspective of time. Still, a significant development over the course of this year is indicated, experienced in both internal and external worlds. Sun in inconjunct (within 0.4 degrees) with Neptune The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. With the Sun conjunct or in dynamic aspect to Neptune in your Solar Return chart, over the twelve-month period until your next birthday the emphasis is on your awareness of your sensitive side and your sense of spirituality. It is possible that you could suffer some type of ego loss this year, increasing your sense of the numinous otherworldly planes of existence. You could also become involved with media, visual arts, music or poetry, since all of these can be expressions of your connection to Spirit. Any of these representations of the divine could become an enormous factor for you over the course of this year-long period. This is most likely to be experienced in the area represented by the

4 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR BRENDA house where your Sun is placed. You also could find that you lack the ability to properly define this area in your life. This could be a good thing, or it could prove slightly disastrous. You may become confused for example, or feel like you don't matter in the scheme of things. In extreme instances you might endure an almost complete dissolution of your identity. This is also a year in which decisions could be difficult and unclear, or you may go back and forth. It helps to cultivate your intuition and to develop an approach that is practical but not too attached to results, leaving ultimate outcomes in the hands of the cosmos. It is good to be aware of the potential for escaping the practical earthly plane altogether in an unhealthy way. Some examples of what you might want to consciously avoid this year include substance or alcohol abuse, or indeed any form of escapism. You also might need to be aware of feeling needy or inhabiting a victim role, one where you expect others to save you. You benefit when you guard against the potential for over-identifying as the one who must sacrifice completely for others. The positive manifestation of this energy lies in an enhanced sense of compassion and a feeling of oneness with the universe and everyone around you. You could make tremendous spiritual progress this year, or at least feel that you more fully access the spark of divinity that lies inside you. Sun in square (within 3.7 degrees) with Pluto The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. With the Sun conjunct or in dynamic aspect to Pluto in your Solar Return chart, over the twelve-month period until your next birthday the emphasis is on your personal will and the manner in which you choose to use it. This configuration indicates an intense year when many factors in your life could radically alter. You are plumbing your own depths and what you find might scare you at first until you come to better understand yourself. It is likely that learning the proper use of your willful nature could be a significant theme over the course of this year-long period. You have a strong will and urge to power at this time. You might find yourself engaging in manipulative or even compulsive behavior. If so, the more you can grow your awareness of your hidden motivations for such behavior the better you can cope. You are being forced to address your own shadow side and this can be an intimidating prospect. If you are in the midst of this intense energy and not using it wisely you will eventually come to regret it. What you are after through all these changes

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