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Solar Return Eva

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13 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR EVA With Mercury in the Ninth House, you are stimulated toward learning something that will affect your thought process in a farreaching and expansive way. This year-long period is likely to be a time of intense focus on teaching and learning, and communicating your knowledge to others. You may return to school, or you may in other ways concentrate your attention on the acquisition of information in a classroom setting, or through independent study, but in any case the important emphasis on your mind this year is the advancement of learning. Your need is strong this year to affect thought and spread wisdom far and wide. You may be looked at as the expert on a certain subject matter simply because you're so enthusiastic about your material. If you are a writer, this year might be a good one to approach a publisher or to plan to promote your work in some other way such as through the Internet. All forms of broadcasting will be a subject that interests you and that provides much food for thought during this twelve-month period. Your beliefs in general are the object of your mental process during this year. This could be a time when you will crystallize a philosophical outlook or investigate and analyze new forms of intellectual pursuit. You might also look into other cultures at this time or research travel options that will enable you to visit them. The subject of your mental investigation will serve to bring your consciousness along to its next phase, whatever meaning that may turn out to have for you personally. Venus in Cancer (8° Can 45') Venus in the Seventh House Venus in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of relationship intensity and focus over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Venus in the Seventh House, your need to relate to others is strong this year and you will find yourself focusing on the needs of your partner and those closest to you. Over the course of this year-long period, your ability to compromise and mediate is greatly enhanced, and this is conducive to the success of key relationships in your life. There are strong positive indications of harmony and ease in partnership with others. The drawback may lie in overly compromising so that you own priorities are placed on the back burner. Therefore a flexible balance is required in meeting your own needs as well as those of significant partners. If you do not restore this balance, then your relationships could be affected in a negative way. You may begin to feel resentment at having to always be the person making concessions. If you internalize this rather than being up front about your feelings, it could cost both of you later.

14 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR EVA Another possible reading for this placement is that you will attach greater value to business partnerships during this period. This is a good year to make great strides in earnings through close connection with another person or business entity. You will also potentially reassess your partnership connections as providing value for whatever you are attempting to achieve. If you have been involved in an intimate romance, your need for commitment is apparent this year and the relationship could reach a new level, possibly even marriage. If you are already married, you will likely reconsider your values concerning your spouse and come to appreciate even more the mutual benefits of living in close association with another soul. Uranus in Taurus (6° Tau 12') Uranus in the Fifth House Uranus in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of enlightenment, change and freedomseeking activity over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Uranus placed in the fifth house this year, period the emphasis for unexpected change is in your desire to express love and creativity without inhibition or restriction. It is likely that the creative genius will be ignited which will enable you to manifest a spark of artistic invention that is extraordinary. There's likely to be a period where you destroy old forms of creation in order to make room for the new ones to come. If you do demolish previous creative projects, know that it's not a negative thing. In fact, it is likely to be essential in terms of opening yourself up to new and more progressive ideas. You might have an unstable love life over the next twelve months. It could run the gamut from magnetic sexual attractions, to sudden affairs or break ups, to potentially meeting the most exciting romantic partner you can imagine. Your partner is apt to be unusual in some way. Romantic needs are framed around an intense desire for freedom and you are unlikely to tolerate restrictions of any kind from a lover. Relationships with children might be erratic this year. You could experience your children becoming more independent or unusual but you're likely to support these changes. There is a small potential for a child to become rebellious. If this happens you'll find a way to think out of the box and address your child's needs. Pluto in Capricorn (21° Cap 59'R) Pluto in the Second House With Pluto placed in the second house of your Solar Return chart, over the twelve-month

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