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Solar Return Eva

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15 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR EVA period leading to your next birthday there is an emphasis on the power of your material resources, self worth, talents and values. Indeed you have enormous command this year to use an enhanced resourcefulness and will power to manifest tangible assets. One possible outcome is that you create a significant amount of wealth as you learn how to tap into the highest level of your own abilities. You also might change the way that you earn money and self-respect in terms of career shifts that take you into an area that is more aligned to your true nature. It is also possible for your income to alter dramatically in other directions. It could be that this year signals a time when income sources dry up or change emphasis. This is probably as a result of decisions that you have made, and might indicate a change in the way you see yourself. In general, over the course of this year-long period you are taking charge of your financial picture in a new way. As you take a more proactive and calculating role in the management of your financial destiny, there is an additional possibility that you might run into a power struggle with another person. This is especially true when planets in the opposite, or eighth house, oppose Pluto in the second. If in the past you were less than completely in charge of what you earn and what you decide to do with it, this might be the time for a change in that area as well. You have the potential this year to truly alter your sense of your own self worth in a positive way. It might be that materialistic measures will no longer suffice to satisfy you. You can also use this energy to transform a latent talent or ability into something more marketable. As you go about renewing your values during this climactic year you will weed out those that no longer serve your highest good. Chiron in Aries (5° Ari 56'R) Chiron in the Fifth House Chiron in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of difficulty that is likely to come up over this twelve-month period until your next birthday where there will be also an opportunity to heal. With Chiron placed in the Fifth House this year, the healing emphasis is on issues of creativity and self-expression. With Chiron in the Fifth House of your Solar Return chart, over this year-long period you are likely to run into obstacles to selfexpression that, rather than from externally derived events or situations seem to come from within yourself. You might be able to use these as clues to investigate and better understand any childhood trauma that you hold inside without the benefit of conscious acknowledgment. Perhaps nagging feelings of lack of self-worth have held you back. Your basic sense of your own individuality may have been in conflict with that of important parental figures that were a powerful

16 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR EVA influence upon you growing up. These experiences may have had the effect of causing you to be wary of actually coming out with who you really are. can become a beacon for others, and achieve dramatic results within your own life, resulting in greater self-actualization. We often wall away our painful feelings that result from early wounding. If this is the case for you, regarding parental treatment or perhaps with respect to problematic peer-topeer relationships from school days, then this is a year when you might find that these types of issues are getting in your way and that you have finally had enough. You may experience as painful your sense of who you are and how you express your individual self-hood. You want to share with the world your own unique light, and yet you may find that you turn away from opportunities to shine. It is important to try to become conscious of all your inner dynamics as you explore your life's path. You will continue to have painful experiences as long as these complexes and their deep-seated emotions are relatively unconscious within your psyche. Another manifestation of this placement is that you might find artistic expression for feelings of hurt that you have experienced in the past, and that you are able to make make more conscious by these efforts. This is a good year for exploring art therapy of any kind, including music, sound healing and dance. Once you have accepted yourself deep down and allowed your hurt feelings to become known to your more adult self, you Other Aspects Mercury in strong conjunction (within 1.5 degrees) with Mars The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. With Mercury conjunct Mars in your Solar Return chart, over this twelve-month period leading up to your next birthday there is an emphasis on the speed and agility of your mind as well as on the active pursuit of your intellectual goals. It is possible for your thoughts and speech to be somewhat hasty and reckless this year. You might say something out of anger or before editing yourself first, only to regret your words or a decision after it's already too late to change it. There could also be warring combative element in your discourse and learning ability. You might expect to have a mind focused on your ambitions so that you can more or less selfishly pursue them over the course of this year. It's also more than likely that you will take advantage of your sharp intellect at this time in a significant way. You have the power of rapid assessment fueled with the courage

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