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Solar Return Helen

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9 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR HELEN really going on with you. It helps when you can consistently return to the rock-bottom truth of your own standpoint. This is not an obvious path since it might also be easy for you to attempt to avoid your innermost self or the truth of who you truly are. After working through these issues, you can use the gift of your enhanced sensitivity this year to extend compassion and understanding to people around you. When you feel the power of unconditional love you can both see someone for all that they are and then forgive and love them despite their flaws. Although you must guard against being taken advantage of, you are in an essentially beautiful space right now regarding the world and those that you encounter in it. Moon in sesquiquadrate (within 2.3 degrees) with Mercury The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; control is required. With the Moon in minor dynamic aspect to Mercury in your Solar Return chart, over these twelve months leading up to your next birthday, your emotional emphasis is on connecting your thoughts and your feelings. Your mind and feelings may not always work together as a team, for better or worse. Over this year it's likely that you will be attempt to use a logical frame of reference to understand the reasons behind your emotions and instinctual patterns with varying degrees of success. In some instances the tension that is created in this way will be a creative tension, so that good ideas and even art can result. This is a good time to journal your thoughts, feelings, and especially your dreams. The power of intellect could work in your favor now to translate the symbolic meaning behind your unconscious images so that they come into view. It's also possible that this will be a year you will make decisions using your instincts as a guide over your intellect. Sensitive communication will be a hallmark for you over these twelve months. While this will enhance your receptivity, this strong connection could work against you, if you allow your emotions to overpower your rationality. On the other hand you might observe your mind attempting to trivialize your feelings. These disparate parts of yourself can blend well with effort. Your powers of observation and memory can pull you through so that your common sense in the end serves you well. Moon in semi-sextile (within 0.4 degrees) with Saturn The planetary energies attract each other, require effort, allow entry of new information.

10 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR HELEN With the Moon in minor dynamic aspect to Saturn in your Solar Return chart, over these twelve months leading up to your next birthday, there is an emphasis on building better emotional boundaries for yourself. This can work for you rather than against you, depending on how you choose to integrate the energy. If you are not in touch with your needs you could potentially become emotionally cold and distant. In any case, over the course of this year-long period you are likely to feel that you are in some sense isolated and forced to be self-reliant. Your feelings are likely to be more sober than expansive. Rather than feeling emotionally secure, you might tend towards feeling insecure and need to work hard to correct it. You might also perceive that your feelings are repressed. There could be a necessity underlying this repression, and you might benefit long-term because of it, but it is still difficult. You could therefore find through your work what it is more usual to find through others. It is likely that over the course of this year you will encounter a sense of needing to make the best out of limited choices. Although this might seem like a lonely path at times, the experiences of this year will reward you with the confidence you gain by making your own way. Important Features Pluto in Capricorn (21° Cap 17'R) Pluto in the Third House Ruler of rising sign With Pluto placed in the third house of your Solar Return chart, over the twelve-month period leading to your next birthday there is an emphasis on the power of your mind. The potential influence of your words this year should not be taken lightly. There is a depth and a passionate message behind everything you say whether or not you are consciously aware of it. You are also able during this period to tune in to the mindset of people around you in a profound way. You can use this power to your advantage as a means to create effective and transformational transfer of information with others. You might be able this year to influence others by your written communication as well as in your direct speech. You are in general stirred to express yourself in new ways, and this carries over into your thought process. Teaching and learning experiences that you have over the course of this year-long period will alter your basic thought process and your belief system as well. There is also the risk that you misuse your verbal potency this year. You could catch yourself manipulating or coercing others by use of your powers of mental magnetism. Or

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