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Solar Return Helen

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11 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR HELEN you could tend toward the dogmatic expression of your own point of view, ignoring that of others. Still, even this manipulative behavior can be used in a positive way if you take the steps necessary to control your mind. All in all, this is a good year for intellectual pursuits, provided that you are forewarned of potential pitfalls. You will achieve much of lasting value in a year when ideas and their dissemination become extremely important to you, both for their effect on your current thinking and, as your influence grows, in helping to create anew the world around you. Jupiter in Sagittarius (14° Sag 31'R) Jupiter in the Second House Jupiter in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of positive attitude and favorable circumstances over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Jupiter placed in the Second House this year, the emphasis is on expanding your income, primarily through faith in your own talents and abilities. Indeed, it is likely that you will enjoy a significant improvement in your assets or wages earned. Although it's possible for you to receive a financial gift in some capacity, the most likely manifestation of extra revenue will come from your own efforts, as you move into new areas of income opportunity. You might find additional income in your present job or take on a second one. If you own your own business, it is likely to expand in some manner. You could also feel optimistic and idealistic about promoting a personal talent of yours in order to make yourself more marketable. In some cases, you might have to take a leap of faith and spend money in order to invest and eventually make more. If this is so, you'll also need to decide if you are perhaps being overly optimistic and if net gain is truly likely to occur. You can be so extremely enthusiastic this year that idealism could cloud your judgment. Religious faith is likely to become more central to your value system and become grounded more firmly in your own experience. If in the past you have doubted your abilities, this year might be your turnaround. The faith your have in your own talents is sure to increase your sense of personal fulfillment in life. An expansive feeling of self-worth is a lovely gift and one that you can confidently present to yourself right now. Venus in Leo (15° Leo 59') Venus in the Tenth House Venus in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of relationship intensity and focus over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Venus in the Tenth House, your

12 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR HELEN relationships with authority figures will be peaceful and could promote an elevation of your status. An improved self-image may be another result. Authority figures in your life will likewise be empowered by your presence. There is a mutual benefit here as one hand washes the other. If you have high-quality connections with your boss, you are sure to advance in your profession by virtue of the fact that he or she perceives your actions as good for the reputation of the company as a whole. You are also more likely to make concessions right now and not question anything too much. This ability to charm and appease, and to work effectively as part of a team, will help you rise to the top. If you have been floundering in career goals, this is the year you will do what you love and be rewarded for it. Networking is definitely favored, along with meeting new business contacts who have power to help you achieve success. You also have loads of appeal with the public at this time and possess the demeanor of a politician, so that you are gracefully able master any situation that you are thrown into. This is a good year to begin a new business venture, although of course it must be realized that you may not see the final result for some time to come. Mentorship from another and wiser person is also possible, and might be another way that you will prosper spiritually as well as financially over the course of this year. Mars in Leo (24° Leo 49') Mars in the Eleventh House Mars in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of outwardly expressed energy and focus over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Mars in the Eleventh House, this year your energy is primarily focused on achieving your goals and dreams. The initiation and fearless walk on a road less travelled is also indicated. You will no longer be able to play by the rules of others. Now you desire to break free from the traditional ways you've spent your energy and finally pursue what is in line with your personality's desire. There could be some conflict with friends or group associations over the next twelve months since your desires are more selfishly motivated than group oriented. You don't feel a need to fit into anyone else's box and this may serve to alienate you on some level since you are confrontational about your refusal to subscribe to anyone else's standards. At the same time however, you might have a friend or group be involved in the pursuit of your goals. In fact, your energy can lead and inspire others to pursue something with the potential to help others on a broad, humanitarian level.

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