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Solar Return Helen

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13 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR HELEN The energy for freedom dominates and you will not be tied down this year. The freedom to express and assert your individuality is crucial to the most positive expression of energy for you. Neptune in Pisces (18° Pis 07'R) Neptune in the Fifth House With Neptune placed in the fifth house of your Solar Return chart, over this twelvemonth period leading up to your next birthday there is a spiritual emphasis on romance, your self-expression and also your creative pursuits. You could encounter a longing to express love in the most romantic and sacred way possible. This is a year when your creative expression literally goes overboard. You are tuned into the higher manifestations of the cosmos and everything that you do embodies this. If you are a practicing artist, your work will reflect intimations from the beyond. Symbolism that represents archetypal cosmic realities may become common. You are also likely to have a year in which your idealism runs extremely high. in your life. Issues with children might be different than they first appeared and working through these concerns become tricky. It is also possible that a spiritual dimension could emerge in these areas, or you could develop a romantic connection to a person that remains illusory, with the risk that this love might not have any substance behind it. You might feel as though you have found a soul mate, but cannot touch him or her. This could be fantasy love. This year you could also develop unconditional love and compassion in your relationships with your children. You could become a source of inspiration for a child. You may gain a new sensitivity for the inner child that lives within your own spirit and release the boundaries placed on its expression. Your ego might be nudged toward surrender to your higher self. In a year in which you long to fuse to the divine through your artistic expression, making for a time of profound imagination and creative joy, the possibilities for enlightenment through creative self expression are virtually limitless. Other matters ruled by the fifth house, such as romance, offspring, and your self-assertive presence in the world could be subject to idealism, confusion and even deception. You might run into high fantasy or perhaps Illusions regarding lovers or potential lovers Other Natal Planets Mercury in Cancer (28° Can 10') Mercury in the Tenth House

14 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR HELEN Angular planet - conjunct Midheaven Mercury in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of mental intensity and focus over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Mercury in the Tenth House, you will be thinking about what you want in a focused and strategic way. This applies not only to your profession, but to your personal reputation, status and honor as well. Choices that you make over the course of this year could affect you for the next several. You might be thinking about making changes to your personal status such as getting married, divorced, or relocating, or you may be in the process of making stylistic changes right now. You may put yourself under mental pressure to succeed and to plan out the ways and means to getting there. Research into these areas is also likely as a necessary first step, learning to look before you leap. You might decide to go into business for yourself or do some important networking to propel you forward in your career. The negotiations you make over the next twelve months may well prove to be life changing. Communication with authority figures such as a boss or parent will be favored. You may look to them for advice and collaboration as you make some of your more intense decisions. You also may discuss improvements in the way your business runs or how certain operations could be streamlined. Over the course of this year-long period, you are careful in how you communicate to the public because your reputation and standing in your community is extremely important to you. The more you think this year about what you want out of life the better, as you take a step up the ladder of success by leading with your mind. Saturn in Capricorn (15° Cap 05'R) Saturn in the Third House Saturn in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of additional responsibility and concentration, perhaps contraction, over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Saturn placed in the Third House this year, the emphasis is on clarifying your mind and reviewing the facts behind the information you accumulate. Your intellect takes on a sober tone this year. You're likely to focus on projects that require a great deal of absorption, diligence and commitment. At the same time, you might doubt your own intellectual capacity to complete the ambitious work you have ahead. If you're not facing your work in a strategic way then it will be plausible for you to feel mentally strained over this year. This could take the form of depression or perhaps anxiety. You might feel heavy limits on your ability to convey information but this energy

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