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Solar Return Helen

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15 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR HELEN can be turned around to procure a mindset that's precise and crystallized. It is possible for you to experience severe restrictions with any sibling relationships or community involvement. Alternatively, a sibling might go through a major problem and come to you for solutions. In any event, your mind will be capable of profound thoughts. The insights you have this year will make you a wise teacher and problem solver. You'll take a realistic approach to all matters and help ground whomever it is you help through your knowledge. Uranus in Taurus (6° Tau 37') Uranus in the Sixth House Uranus in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of enlightenment, change and freedomseeking activity over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Uranus placed in the sixth house this year, the emphasis for unexpected change is in your routine and work as well as your health habits. It's possible for you to entirely change your job this year or to experience several changes in your existing work. It might be a new boss, new policies or new coworkers. You're likely to demand more freedom in terms of your schedule and the manner by which you complete your work. If you are denied this freedom you'll be apt to react with rebellion. You could overthrow the authority at work in the process. This might prompt you to seek employment that supports your need for freedom. Your health might need some attention this year as well. Nervous tension is likely. You might want to create an outlet for any increased anxiety so it does not inhibit your well being. It is possible that work related stress and your erratic schedule this year could affect your health. Still, you are likely to benefit from this revolution in your routine and create a more exciting life in the process. Chiron in Aries (5° Ari 31'R) Chiron in the Sixth House Chiron in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of difficulty that is likely to come up over this twelve-month period until your next birthday where there will be also an opportunity to heal. With Chiron placed in the Sixth House this year, the healing emphasis is on issues of day-to-day activities, higher intention and health. Chiron in the Sixth House of your Solar Return chart implies that painful psychological concerns are likely to arise this year that will point the way for important healing. This energy could manifest in ways that are fairly subtle, especially if your have been working on your issues over time, but it might also be

16 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR HELEN that painful feelings come up for you - such as feelings of lack of self-worth - that have inhibited you for far too long. Improving these might well involve improving your vital force and state of psychic health and of finding more efficient ways to serve self and others. If these types of concerns become symptomatic for you this year it might be that you are more or less compulsively drawn to issues of organization, and personal sickness and health, as well as service to other people. You may experience some degree of suffering through ill-health, either real or imagined, or through over-doing for others in a service role, perhaps as a member of an organization or work place. You may experience painful realizations around the possibility of perfection in this life time, such as keeping the perfect house in order at all times, so that it becomes an obsession, or detect in yourself an over-reliance on the quest for the perfect body. These issues may indeed stem from early childhood, in relation to being put in a position of servitude against your will, or challenged in your developing feelings of selfworth, so that making yourself available to others has become both a habit and a source of painful experiences in your adult life. Or these issues may operate more at the level of the fantasy and the imagination. It is important to get as conscious as possible with these issues, to discover what actual events may have been essential to forming the constellations of your inner life. As long as these issues remain locked away your unconscious they are basically toxic to a healthy self-image, and they backfire on you when you least expect them to, or may manifest as actual ill-health. As you become more conscious of these patterns deep within you then important healing can begin, enabling you to be of true service to others. By doing this kind of work on yourself, you take an important step into wholeness. You get clearer about your own goals and motives, and gain a truer perspective on yourself and your life's journey. Other Aspects Venus in strong trine (within 1.5 degrees) with Jupiter The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. With Venus in flowing aspect to Jupiter in your Solar Return chart, over this twelvemonth period until your next birthday the emphasis is on expanding your consciousness through relating to others. There is also the potential for great benefit to come to you in certain areas of your life.

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