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Solar Return Helen

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25 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR HELEN The good news is that for this year you are endowed with a spectacular emotional courage that will not falter. You will have an easy access to this energy and fearlessly attack anything that threatens your sense of comfort. It's likely that you will be able to use this enhanced passion to help or nurture someone - or some project - that requires direct action. In this case your emotional excitement and powerful feeling nature can be of great service to a larger plan. It is also the road to a better integration of these energies in your life. Moon in weak trine (within 10.0 degrees) with Chiron The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. With the Moon in flowing aspect to Chiron in your Solar Return chart, over these twelve months leading up to your next birthday, your emotional emphasis is on tuning in to your instincts in a positive way to promote healing. This is a period of time when you will be in closer touch with your emotional woundings from the past and when you have the chance to understand yourself much better at your deeper levels and move beyond your original hurt. You are being called this year to investigate old and perhaps dysfunctional patterns of relating. If you stick to the task, the eventual effect of all the attention that you are able to bring to this area will be greater self-reliance and a better acceptance of the feminine and nurturing side of yourself. It is also possible for you to have a profound healing experience with your mother or an important female figure in your life over these twelve months. Wounds from prior associations that left you feeling raw, unsafe or not nurtured in some way could be released in a powerful catharsis. The positive manifestation of this energy you could also promote a healing relationship between those you nurture most in your own intimate relationships. Over the course of a year of powerful emotional healing, and one in which your feelings are also enlivened by a growing sense of your spirituality, you have the potential of being able to make a better connection with your deeper needs and with the more integrated self within you that is struggling to emerge. Mercury in weak opposition (within 6.9 degrees) with Pluto The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. With Mercury conjunct or in dynamic aspect to Pluto in your Solar Return chart, over this twelve-month period leading up to your next

26 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR HELEN birthday your mental emphasis is on your ability to penetrate consciously into the deepest levels of your own and others' needs and desires. Over the course of this year-long period, you have the ability to see deeply into your own desire nature, and to feel and respond to the motivations of others around you. With unconscious desires so near the surface of your awareness, it might feel at times as though words hardly need to be spoken. You are very sensitive to the undercurrents of communication, such as body language, and can trust your instinctive understanding. Your end of the communication might also come into the picture as a factor, since there is the possibility for unconscious material from your own psyche to spill over into consciousness and manifest in direct language. The power of your words and your observations are true gifts for you now. If you are confident in their application and proceed in alignment with your own highest purpose, there will be much gain, both spiritual and material. The ability to use your willpower to control your thoughts and mindset is also likely to hold a deep fascination for you at this time. You must however beware of the attachments of ego in creating too great a dependency on the power of your communication for self-aggrandizement or in getting your own way at others' expense. Mind games and mental power struggles could become a dominating theme. You can harness this exquisite awareness of thoughts and motives to gain priceless insight into your own behavior and the complexity within your relationships. Your mind is inquiring this year, and is seeking to transform itself along lines that are more favorable to your evolutionary purpose in this lifetime. The knowledge that you gain regarding yourself and others can inform your process of growth for years to come. Mercury in weak trine (within 7.4 degrees) with Chiron The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. With Mercury in flowing aspect to Chiron in your Solar Return chart, over this twelvemonth period there is an emphasis on your ability recognize your own internal areas of trauma, and to heal others through your analytical and perceptive ability. This is a year when the awareness of early wounding might tend to come to the surface through experiences in using your mental powers, for example in communication or in how you express your ideas. There could be painful realizations in your background that only now come to light, regarding the way that you expressed yourself as a youngster. You will gain mightily when you begin to gain

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