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Solar Return Helen

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3 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR HELEN to enjoy enhanced powers of attraction. You exude a strong sense of grace and charm and tend to seek more social activity. In a very literal sense, your physical appearance and style are likely to improve. Your senses may be exquisitely heightened this year as well. You are likely to benefit from the use of this energy for creative endeavors, pursuing artistic and cultural goals, in a year when you will appear very likable and social to others. Your ability to strive for harmony over the course of these twelve months will also work to your advantage. Sun in strong trine (within 2.7 degrees) with Jupiter The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. With the Sun in flowing aspect to Jupiter in your Solar Return chart, over the twelvemonth period until your next birthday the emphasis is on expanding your personality and identity into a more enlightened awareness. You are apt to experience a taste of success this year. It is as if the universe has granted you a lucky break. It's likely that a renewed sense of faith and optimism in yourself will be a factor in your spiritual development over these twelve months. In addition, your personal philosophy, sense of spirituality and belief system will likely be important factors in your growth. The department in which these gains and increased self-confidence will take place depends on the house where the Sun is located. This area of life could also witness an over-expansion as well, so that it is prudent to maintain a sense of cautious rather than fully exuberant optimism in order to create greater balance in this area. You have the potential to truly improve yourself in many areas of life this year so that you do well to take advantage of whatever opportunities come your way. There is likely to be an air of nobility and dignity in the way that you go about things, so that you might also be seen as wiser and more honorable by others. Sun in conjunction (within 7.7 degrees) with Mars The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. With the Sun conjunct Mars in your Solar Return chart, over the twelve-month period until your next birthday the emphasis is on asserting your identity with increased vitality and force. Your will is practically indomitable! If you initiate a project this year that requires exuberance, drive and ambition to complete there is every indication for success.

4 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR HELEN There is also the potential for anger and selfishness to manifest this year so it is advisable to be watchful for aggressive actions or displays of temper. If you are not careful with the extraordinary forcefulness you have at your disposal right now, you could act out in some situation with ruthlessness or reckless abandon, sabotaging your efforts. If however, you channel this enormous vitality, you are likely to achieve more than you could initially conceive. Your sex drive might tend to increase as well, which could be enjoyable. This is likely to be a year for you to combine great powers of assertion and courage towards self-development. You will fight for your right to express the very essence of who you are and there is every indication that you will do so. In fact, this is a year when you are more capable than you ever imagined of simply making it happen. Sun in inconjunct (within 2.1 degrees) with Saturn The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. With the Sun conjunct or in dynamic aspect to Saturn in your Solar Return chart, over the twelve-month period until your next birthday the emphasis will be on the very foundation of your identity, the framework around your basic character. You are building structure over this year-long period. You will be likely to take life and yourself quite seriously and will use your energy in such a way that promotes clarity for your goals. You tend to have a significant amount of responsibility placed on you this year, possibly by yourself. If you are not harnessing this energy constructively or are somehow not willing to do the work required then it could feel as if you are weighed down with impossible limitations and burdens. If on the other hand you can see this year as a time of necessary boundaries then you are more likely to take joy in your increased duties and the respect that it commands. You might find that this is the year that you wind up becoming a respected authority figure in some capacity. Over the course of this year you might overcome a major fear that has inhibited your self-expression in the past. In any case you will work diligently toward self-improvement. In the most positive manifestation of this energy the extra focus that you bring to bear will help to crystallize the most enduring and mature parts of yourself. Sun in inconjunct (within 1.0 degrees) with Neptune

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