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Solar Return Yuna

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9 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR YUNA blackmailed; or it is also possible that you are the one doing the manipulation. It helps when you can recognize that these emotional games are the sign of deeper psychological battles in which one person attempts to control the other only in order to preserve their own sense of security. This is an important year for you, and one in which your emotional strength is great. There are undoubtedly lessons for you in terms of embracing the need to be in control of your own situation and at the same time to use your power wisely. There could also be dramatic transformations in your security needs and your emotional connections to others. It's up to you to make certain that these changes, rather than enabling a power hungry persona, engender instead a newly empowered sense of self. Moon in quintile (within 0.6 degrees) with Mercury Ruler of sun sign - sun's ruler The planetary energies are positively linked, subtle, and spiritual in dimension. With the Moon in minor flowing aspect Mercury in your Solar Return chart, over these twelve months leading up to your next birthday, your emotional emphasis is on connecting your thoughts and your feelings. Your mind and feelings will work together as a team, for better or worse. Over this year you will be adept in analyzing your needs and expressing your feelings to others. It's likely that you will be able to use a logical frame of reference to understand the reasons behind your emotions and instinctual patterns. This is a wonderful year to journal your thoughts, feelings and especially your dreams. The power of intellect could work in your favor now to translate the symbolic meaning behind your unconscious images so that they come into view. It's also possible that this will be a favorable year to make decisions using your instincts as a guide. Sensitive communication will be a hallmark for you over these twelve months. Most likely the disparate factors of thinking and feeling will combine well. Your powers of observation and memory as well as your common sense in general are significantly improved now and serve you well. Moon in sextile (within 6.1 degrees) with Mars The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. With the Moon in flowing aspect to Mars in your Solar Return chart over these twelve months leading up to your next birthday, your emotional emphasis is on integrating your instincts and security needs with your desires.

10 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR YUNA You are also intent on taking the proper action to ensure total security for yourself. through a seismic alteration in your security patterns and perceptions. This configuration indicates a volatile year when you're apt to experience situations that challenge your comfort level to some extent. Emotional engagement could be a hallmark of your experience. The good news is that for this year you are endowed with a spectacular emotional courage that will not falter. You will have an easy access to this energy and fearlessly attack anything that threatens your sense of comfort. It's likely that you will be able to use this enhanced passion to help or nurture someone - or some project - that requires direct action. In this case your emotional excitement and powerful feeling nature can be of great service to a larger plan. It is also the road to a better integration of these energies in your life. Moon in sesquiquadrate (within 2.3 degrees) with Uranus The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; control is required. With the Moon in minor dynamic aspect to Uranus in your Solar Return chart, these twelve months leading up to your next birthday provide an emphasis on revolutionizing your emotional needs This implies at least a moderate disruption that is in any case necessary. Your instinctual nature reflects a degree of restlessness and frustration, so that the urge to break free from perceived boundaries has become in some sense unavoidable. It's likely that your living situation will undergo unexpected shifts that eventually will lead to the emergence of new forms. Family patterns of interaction could change this year as well. There could either be a move or renovation or perhaps even a break from an existing familial relationship. You might experience a sudden magnetic emotional connection to someone who assists you in breaking free from habitual patterns you now view as confining. This is in fact a time of powerful awakening. Although you might have to face the wreckage that a tornado leaves behind, it is also fully possible for you to create a new sense of emotional security in its wake. The framework of individuality and freedom being born in you brings with it a sense of security that is more true to who your really are. Moon in opposition (within 3.7 degrees) with Neptune

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