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Solar Return Yuna

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11 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR YUNA The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. With the Moon in dynamic aspect to Neptune in your Solar Return chart, over these twelve months leading up to your next birthday, your emotional emphasis is on gaining a deeper awareness of yourself at soul-level. You will likely experience some degree of dissolution of the boundaries between yourself and others and need to work through issues of illusion or even of outright deception. The boundaries between the spiritual world and your own soul are so deeply connected right now that you might spend more time out of this world than in it. Your intuition is could also to be enhanced this year although you may have difficulty trusting in that. You might find that your feelings are confused, or embrace illusory notions that blur the distinction between your dreams and your insights, or you might suffer actual emotional deception or manipulation this year as a result of being dreamier than usual and more willing to blindly trust. You also might be tempted to see potential or actual relationships through rose-colored glasses and therefore evade the reality of the situation, or in some other way escape what is really going on with you. It helps when you can consistently return to the rock-bottom truth of your own standpoint. This is not an obvious path since it might also be easy for you to attempt to avoid your innermost self or the truth of who you truly are. After working through these issues, you can use the gift of your enhanced sensitivity this year to extend compassion and understanding to people around you. When you feel the power of unconditional love you can both see someone for all that they are and then forgive and love them despite their flaws. Although you must guard against being taken advantage of, you are in an essentially beautiful space right now regarding the world and those that you encounter in it. The ruler of your Sun Sign is Mercury in Cancer (9° Can 50') Angular planet - conjunct Descendant The ruler of your Sun sign is characteristic of your personality: Mercury in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of mental intensity and focus over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Mercury in the Sixth House, your health and maintaining your physical body and surroundings become a focal point of concern. The myriad details of day-to-day life take on added importance, together with your awareness of in what way you are of service to others. This is a year when you are likely to think day and night about the details of your working world or tasks around the house. It's a great

12 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR YUNA time for improving organization in these areas. It's also possible that over the next twelve months you could find in yourself a tendency to excessively worry about getting everything checked off your list of endless tasks. Try to resist this temptation because it will not serve you well. Instead think about how well equipped your mind is to accomplish any task. You may be required to learn something new in order to keep up with your current line of work, or you could find that the details for everything are being passed onto you. Your mind can have a tendency to become over compartmentalized and analytical this year. On the other hand, you are capable of applying great detail to managing every step. In terms of health, you are mentally conditioning yourself during this period to evaluate and make important decisions for your body. Alternative health practices are appealing to you right now. You will generally apply more awareness to exercise and nutrition and this information will be easily integrated into your daily routine. This is also a year when you might also want to lift your gaze to the bigger picture of where this life is taking you, and why. Important Features Saturn in Capricorn (19° Cap 13'R) Saturn in the First House Ruler of rising sign Saturn in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of additional responsibility and concentration, perhaps contraction, over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Saturn placed in the First House this year, the emphasis is on responsibility to the self. There's the strong possibility for you to be knee deep in personal limitations and have little free time. If this is the case, know that you're the one enforcing your own restrictions. There could be a certain amount of hesitation when it comes to asserting yourself over these twelve months. It's as if you fear your own strength to some extent. Your identity is likely going through a crystallization process that can be quite dominant. Be aware of the potential however, that while you are refining the structure of self you might lock an important part of your personality away in the process. There's also the possibility of isolating yourself from the world so as to avoid confronting the necessary work on self awareness. Once you own the lesson over this year to accept those personal limitations that cannot be changed while demonstrating control over

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