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Solar Return Yuna

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13 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR YUNA those you can, it's feasible to achieve success in major work projects that accentuate your sense of conscientiousness to yourself. Mars in Cancer (16° Can 18') Mars in the Seventh House Angular planet - conjunct Descendant Mars in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of outwardly expressed energy and focus over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Mars in the Seventh House, you have ambitious goals within partnership this year and it's likely you will place a great deal of personal energy into your relationships or work to achieve in joint efforts with persons close to you. A partner might also be the catalyst to feed your energy this year and help to motivate and light the fire inside that is necessary to keep on charging forward with your goals. Over these twelve months they could supply the inspiration for you to shine. There is also however a great potential for arguments and more conflict than usual with partners. There could be anger that arises over the other person being unsupportive of your own identity assertion. You may feel stifled in your attempts to succeed outside of the relationship. It's also possible that fights may come up over nothing in particular that you can define; the energy surrounding you and others is simply combative at this time. Competition can be a positive driving force in certain situations but you will want to be aware of crossing the line of healthy competition this year in your partnerships. You might want to ask yourself if winning is more important than the relationship. This is actually a good year to mediate an angry relationship through counseling. You can also successfully fight a necessary battle with enemies in business or personal life right now since your will to defend yourself against others is strong. Use this energy wisely and it will produce positive returns for you. Neptune in Pisces (18° Pis 41') Neptune in the Second House With Neptune placed in the second house of your Solar Return chart, over this twelvemonth period leading up to your next birthday there is a spiritual emphasis on personal values, including feelings of selfworth and the state of your finances. This is a murky and confusing period of time for you especially in the area of resources and finances. It is not likely that you will have a solid grasp on your financial situation over the course of the year. Your material world is nebulous to you now and income will fluctuate, although even more than the actual fluctuation could be the feeling of uncertainty surrounding it. You might just need to let go of attempting to control these types of outcome. The universe is asking of

14 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR YUNA you now that you better define what spiritual laws and values are necessary in order that you enjoy financial wealth without anxiety or false impressions of its intrinsic worth. You could become more aware of illusions that arise in the context of who you really are as an individual and as a child of the cosmos. If you have ever been plagued by low confidence in your ability to shine this might be the year when you are guided to more closely examine these issues and your true basis for self-esteem. In other words, this is a year when only after taking care of cultivating inner wealth will you then be able to manifest physical prosperity. These twelve months may place you in situations of financial ambiguity that lead to questioning the on-going illusion of monetary status and the material concept of self-worth. Giving up your more fundamental values in the name of money or defining yourself in terms of what you possess will no longer work for you. When you learn to use your material resources as a means to and end, complemented by and in combination with your spiritual resources, then priorities will have become realigned to your advantage. Neptune's fog will work in your favor to clear your path eventually resulting in an even greater sense of abundance. Jupiter in Sagittarius (19° Sag 30'R) Jupiter in the Twelfth House Jupiter in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of positive attitude and favorable circumstances over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Jupiter placed in the Twelfth House this year, the emphasis is placed on the highest connection you can possibly make to the divine. You may long to transcend the boundaries of your current reality and swim in the unconditional love and peace that your faith shows you as possible. The awareness of your unconscious is expanded and if you are in a healthy emotional state this could be a very beneficial time for you where you attain important soul growth and tap into your most spiritual and imaginative side. Meditation, yoga and dream journaling are all helpful tools to this end. If however you are having a difficult time right now, this expansion might only serve to create a feeling of drowning in the abyss of your emotions and pain. This year, for better or worse, you are exquisitely in touch with the sacrifice, compassion and anguish that lies at the heart of your psyche. The silent "knowing" that you are part of a greater plan and are divinely protected - even through your darkest hour - will be enough to allow you to climb into the sunlight. The most positive indication for you however is an unshakable faith and belief in the highest good of all mankind. You have an unshakable faith at this time that you are divinely connected and inspired, and that everyone is

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