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Solar Return Yuna

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15 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR YUNA part of the master plan and your brother or sister. This is a wonderful gift that will long outlast the ups and downs of any particular year of your life. supportive influence. Even if you do not have children, this might be a year when one way or another they will become more important in your life. Other Natal Planets Venus in Gemini (1° Gem 43') Venus in the Fifth House Venus in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of relationship intensity and focus over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Venus in the Fifth House, your social expression turns to creative and romantic pursuits. You may become involved in a delicious love affair or break through previously existing artistic barriers. There is a blossoming of your confidence over this year-long period that increases feelings of self-worth and personal power. Your ability to express love is strong and easy. The level of commitment that you will find is not certain; however your ability to express love and to feel loved in return is strong. This is a good year for adventure fun and sex, whatever turn your love life may eventually take. If you have children, you may expect a year of peace and harmony with them or at minimum improved relationships. Over the course of this year-long period, you will likely create a more harmonious long term bond with your offspring through being an encouraging and This is also a favorable year for gambling or other risk-taking pursuits. Since your confidence in winning is strong, it helps you to visualize and therefore manifest more positive results. You have a strong desire to frolic and play at this time and will respond to the world around you with a carefree, childlike enthusiasm. You are learning to value yourself, and your personal vehicle in this lifetime, in a new way that will last you through the years. Uranus in Taurus (5° Tau 06') Uranus in the Fourth House Angular planet - conjunct Nadir Uranus in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of enlightenment, change and freedomseeking activity over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Uranus placed in the fourth house this year, the emphasis for unexpected change is on your home and family life, as well as your deepest sense of security. There are likely to be striking changes at home that can be likened to a tornado. There could be wreckage and all the walls may come crumbling down around you. Know that this process of destruction does have a purpose. It will prompt you to rebuild something that is

16 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR YUNA more progressive and suited to helping your accelerate your soul growth. You might physically move into a new home or perhaps renovate an existing living space. Family members that live with you are likely to go through erratic and unpredictable personal changes that affect the family dynamic. You might feel uprooted and will need to redefine the boundaries you require to feel safe. You might find yourself emotionally unstable, especially if you have a difficult time embracing change. You are likely to feel that your personal security has been threatened. If you run away from your support system during this time, the year could be quite a challenge to navigate. You might have a difficult time finding your way home. The brilliant gift of this placement is that you will develop an ability to care for yourself under any circumstances. Your soul is likely to be relocated directly into your most conscious awareness. It'll be a true awakening. Pluto in Capricorn (22° Cap 40'R) Pluto in the First House With Pluto placed in the first house of your Solar Return chart, over the twelve-month period leading to your next birthday there is an emphasis on personal power and transformation. You are possessed with an indomitable will over this year-long period. You will be capable of extraordinary self control. It is therefore an excellent time to bear down and get amazing things accomplished. If you were not in total power over your life and the execution of your will to further your own identity in the past, this is the year that you might make a dramatic shift to becoming the actual director of your own command center. You are also likely to find yourself delving down this year into hidden urges and behaviors that have kept you from being all that you can be in this lifetime. Complexes and compulsions that have held you back in the past may come to light now. This can be unpleasant, but a higher purpose is served that you recognize these issues and move beyond them to live a fuller life. You will likely gain a new awareness of relationships where you might have long ago given away your power, either consciously or unconsciously. You might decide to eliminate certain people or behaviors now if they are no longer serving your best interests in terms of personal growth. You also might need to guard against potentially manipulating others, in an attempt to make this process easier on yourself. The urge to transform your sense of self and actively confront your own psychological baggage is strong over this twelve-month period of time, and well worth the effort

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