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12 Months Forecast Carleen

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39 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2020 FOR CARLEEN , FROM 01/01/2020 Transiting Chiron in conjunction with natal Chiron 15/5/2020 to 7/9/2020, no date of exact The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. This is a time for reflection on the arc of your life's unfolding, an evolutionary process that continues all through your adulthood, since you are experiencing your "Chiron return" at around age fifty. Since our culture is predisposed to value youth and discard old age, many people begin to feel out of the picture in their fifties, no matter how little actual truth there may be in that assumption. It is a good time to take stock and to plan for the next fifty years! It is also a time for reexamination of some of the painful issues that may be part of your make-up and that may have been holding you back until now. Usually some issues from early childhood that were too painful to deal with in their era, and that have become repressed and remain lodged in your unconscious, come up during this period of time, perhaps brought on by recent events. These repressed feelings may be difficult and painful to deal with, but there is a rich reward for getting in touch with these walled-off areas in order to become more whole. You can achieve a much greater degree of self-acceptance and ease once you have made the dark journey of discovery to find what lies within that space, that has been calling out to you all these years. Transiting Mars in square with natal Mercury 16/5/2020 to 22/5/2020, exact 19/5/2020 The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This week-long transit will have the effect of increasing your verbal punch, or the energy with which you express your ideas. You may find yourself becoming sharp tongued with people at this time. Your mind and intellect are affected, as well as your communication generally, such as written messages or conversations, also talking with friends and associates. These areas of your life will be energized and ego issues brought to bear on them during the relatively brief period of time this transit is in effect. You have an unusually forceful and strong-willed stance in your communication with others right now. It is good for trying to get your ideas across or a plan in motion when other people need to be convinced. However, you need to beware of being overly critical with friends and associates during this time. There may be difficulties that arise in your communication with other people, and conflict is a distinct possibility. Greater energy is also available for friends or perhaps for thinking about the direction of your life force. Transiting Mars in square with natal Saturn

40 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2020 FOR CARLEEN , FROM 01/01/2020 16/5/2020 to 22/5/2020, exact 19/5/2020 The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. You are stopped in your tracks in the outward arc of your go power for these few days, but it is a good time for getting serious about what you are actually trying to accomplish. The established structures in your life are likely to demand more of your attention than usual for this brief period of time. It is not a good time for going ahead with large-scale projects, but rather for sticking with routine and accomplishing in little ways. Transiting Chiron in trine with natal Moon 16/5/2020 to 6/9/2020, no date of exact The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. You are likely to be experiencing a process of emotional pain, and a transformation of the nurturing or feminine in you, leading to significant and far-reaching changes. Issues may arise with important female figures in your life, perhaps your mother or a significant other, as well as with the feminine side of your own nature. Something deep inside you, at the roots of your being, is going through a process of renewal at this time. There may be old issues that have been locked away in your unconscious for a long time that you are forced to acknowledge during this period, perhaps there are changes in the way you have habitually and unconsciously lived your emotional life up to now, a way of being that is no longer compatible with who you have become at a deep level. It can also be a time of great joy as you break with the past and come into the glow of a new emotional comprehension of yourself. There may be painful feelings from the past that reassert themselves at this time, and it may also be that relationship issues come to the surface, or perhaps other security needs such as a safe and cozy home life that may be challenged or otherwise changing during this period. The ultimate purpose for these issues arising is to heal them and to abate their influence for negative emotion in your life. Something deep inside of you is adjusting to a new understanding, and you can move into it gracefully if you can let go of the past. Transiting Mars in square with natal Venus 17/5/2020 to 23/5/2020, exact 20/5/2020 The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. You are full of relationship energy of all kinds during this transit, lasting about a week. You have loads of energy for your intimate partnerships during this period, which may manifest as an enhanced sex drive, or just more of a drive toward closeness and intimacy. Affected also are your sense of

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