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12 Months Forecast Lucy

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3 12

3 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2020 FOR LUCY , FROM 01/01/2020 while. But something inside is pressuring you to move ahead, in spite of the consequences, and it is well to heed the wisdom of your soul's higher purpose. You may emerge from your chrysalis with a brave form and new wings. Transiting Pluto into natal Sixth House 2/12/2019 to 27/2/2037, exact 4/1/2020; exact 4/10/2020 SD During this transit, usually lasting about 14 or more years, you may feel a compulsion to be of service to other people. This compulsion can take the form of activities which are intended to be helpful, but which may not truly be appreciated by the intended beneficiaries. There can also be obsessive behavior regarding health issues, or organizational detail. The true purpose of such behavior is to purify the activity involved, and you should beware of it becoming an end in itself. There is a need for transformation in these areas, in order to learn how to be of actual service to others, such as a career in the helping professions, or work on your own issues in such a way as to regenerate your values and life direction. Transiting Pluto in sesquiquadrate with natal Venus 21/12/2019 to 21/2/2020, exact 21/1/2020 The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; control is required. You may find some alterations of your close personal relationships during this period of time. Existing associations may change in some way, perhaps frustrations that have been building over time will come to a head, or the relationship may transform itself utterly or some aspect of it come to an ending, at least as it existed before this period of time. During this transit your creative abilities, especially in an artistic sense, could also alter. Even your basic values may undergo transformation at this time. If you are involved in the arts, you may go through some crisis in your work, or drastically change the medium of your expression, becoming a director rather than an actor, for example. Deep-rooted issues that come to the surface also affect your values as well, and there may be changes in what you value or how conscious you are of the importance different values have in your life, and what relative priority you assign to them. Transiting Saturn in inconjunct with natal Ascendant 23/12/2019 to 9/1/2020, exact 31/12/2019 The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. Transits to the Ascendant affect selfexpression, including your creative potential

4 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2020 FOR LUCY , FROM 01/01/2020 and your sense of well-being. Your physical vitality is also affected, and your attitude to life in general. The limiting energy and selfdiscipline of Saturn comes into your personality as a result of this transit, leading to a greater personal investment in the egostructures of your life. Try not to try too hard. Transiting Jupiter in sesquiquadrate with natal Ascendant 26/12/2019 to 4/1/2020, exact 30/12/2019 The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; control is required. You will find you have an expansive and optimistic attitude during this period of time. Your physical vitality is also powerfully affected, as well as your creative potential and your general sense of well-being. Although all this confidence is a real boost and you can get a lot of things done because of it, you may need to beware of being rash or having even too much optimism during this transit. There is also a peaceful and spiritual energy that comes strongly into your personality as a result of this transit, that can lead you to new levels of faith and understanding. Transiting Mars in quintile with natal Mercury 29/12/2019 to 1/1/2020, exact 30/12/2019 The planetary energies are positively linked, subtle, and spiritual in dimension. This week-long transit will have the effect of increasing your verbal punch, or the energy with which you express your ideas. Your mind and intellect are affected, as well as your communication generally, such as written messages or conversations, also friends and associates. These areas of your life will be energized, perhaps with a spiritual motivation, during the period of time this transit is in effect. Greater energy is also available for friends or perhaps for thinking about future plans. Transiting Jupiter in trine with natal Venus 29/12/2019 to 15/1/2020, exact 7/1/2020 The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. You are full of spiritual and optimistic energy in your relationships. Artistic endeavors will also flourish under the beneficial influence of Jupiter, which tends to expand and make more radiant whatever it comes into contact with. You will also feel a renewed sense of connection to higher purpose in terms of your values generally. And of course, love and romance will be given an extra boost right now, which can make for very pleasant time for you. It is a good time to get together with a significant other and connect with them on a soul-to-soul level, perhaps one of the better

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