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12 Months Forecast Lucy

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1 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2020 FOR LUCY , FROM 01/01/2020 Lucy: Interpretations for Transits Twelve Month Transit Report for Lucy, starting 1/1/2020 12/8/1983, 06:18 AM EDT New York, NY (41N11, 74W01) Maximum orb: 2 degrees, sorted by Begin Date Interpretation text by Henry Seltzer Copyright 1999-2012 AstroGraph Software - Your future is written in the stars Email: Transiting Neptune in opposition with natal Mercury 3/9/2019 to 13/2/2020, no date of exact The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. During this period of time, your mental energy is both more inspired and more confused than usual. You are operating under an influence that is both mystical and also quite disorienting. As a result, your thought process may be subject to fantasy or other forms of delusion. You will also tend to be more idealistic in your planning than usual. You should try to avoid taking drastic action based on your reasoning during this period of time, preferring to wait until you have had ample time to reflect. You may notice also, that you are more attuned to other people during this transit. The mental process of others may appear almost transparent to you, and this increases your sense of compassion towards them. This is one of the treasures of this energy. You may even find yourself more inspired to write music or poetry during this transit. Although there can be drawbacks, in terms of confusion or unclear communications with others, this period of time can be a great benefit for yourself and any and all of your associations. Transiting Chiron in sextile with natal Chiron 7/9/2019 to 11/3/2020, exact 23/10/2019 R; exact 1/2/2020 The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. You are likely to be going through a period of transition. You are in the process of getting in touch with yourself, and this can be extremely rewarding as well as a necessary part of your evolution. This could be a time when strange events force upon you an intimation of other worlds, a broader perspective than that of ordinary reality, perhaps a taste of the transpersonal world of shamanism and magic. It also may be a time for re-examination of some painful issues that could be part of your make-up and possibly have been holding you back until now. Usually some issues from early childhood that were too painful to deal with

2 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2020 FOR LUCY , FROM 01/01/2020 in their era, and that have become repressed and remain lodged in your unconscious, come up during this period of time, perhaps brought on by recent events. Long repressed feelings may be difficult and painful to deal with, but there is a rich reward for getting in touch with these walled-off areas in order to become more whole. You can achieve a much greater degree of self-acceptance and ease once you have made the dark journey of discovery to find what lies within that space. Transiting Chiron in trine with natal Jupiter 3/10/2019 to 19/2/2020, exact 12/12/2019 SD The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. Your religious philosophy and broad intellectual framework are subject to a certain amount of re-examination now. Painful experiences in these areas could lead you to a new outlook on life. Also during the course of this transit, you may have issues arise related to travel or other methods of broadening your intellectual horizons. There may be suppressed emotions relating to the received philosophy of parental figures that come up for you at this time, leading to introspection and rethinking of your views. Perhaps there are ways that these shared philosophies from your early background no longer fit your needs in the present era. If you look deeply within yourself you may be able to find the answer to questions that come up for you at this time, and move closer to a true synthesis of your lower and higher natures. This synthesis will be as rewarding, in the end, as the experience of getting to it was painful at the time. Then you will be able to use your newfound integration to advantage in sharing your vision for the world with other likeminded individuals, in order to help make that vision a reality for yourself and for society as well. Transiting Uranus in semisextile with natal Chiron 25/11/2019 to 26/2/2020, exact 10/1/2020 SD The planetary energies attract each other, require effort, allow entry of new information. You are likely to be experiencing an urge for freedom and spontaneity. There is a genius energy in you, an energy to create new things and depart from the normal run of the mill consciousness in doing so. With this transit, your mental creativity and spontaneity is up for a transformation of some sort. Perhaps you will consider launching yourself into new ways of thinking and being, or even alter your lifestyle. There may be changes in store for you that have been waiting in the wings for the right moment to come on stage, new ways of being that would more truly serve the evolutionary purpose that you came into this life to actualize. There may be some pain associated with this type of transition, since any peeling away of old skin is painful, and the process may leave you raw and exposed for a

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