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Compatibility Report Eva and Ramon

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11 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR EVA AND RAMON connection, as is a sense of altruism and mutuality. Ramon tends to bring more of these effects to the relationship, while Eva enjoys the unique stimulation. Unusual and rebellious actions by both of you, and eclectic tastes are definitely encouraged. In a romantic context, this aspect indicates a strong attraction and playful cooperation in your relationship. You are in for progressive unique fun and inventiveness, although with Uranian energy in the mix, it is also possible that some detached or cool exterior is maintained. This aspect also symbolizes mutual interests in science and technology, film, as well as other world cultural or universal new age activities. The urge is there for your partnership to be unique in some way. You may depart from accepted modes or beliefs, or focus on the different and the unconventional. There is also the possibility of some sort of instability between you or perhaps a lack of control and excess of freedom that can prove detrimental to the partnership. Changes are to be expected, and erratic behavior can also lead to new discoveries for both partners. It may be that this relationship has a higher purpose of shaking you up and stretching you in some new way that proves vital for your growth and evolution as a human being. It is helpful to be open and upbeat, and to try not to control the more independent partner, who after all may be leading the two of you to some truly special and mind stretching experiences. Other Comparison Aspects Ramon's Jupiter in strong sextile (within 0.4 degrees) with Eva's Midheaven The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. This aspect, of Jupiter in flowing relation with partner's Midheaven, symbolizes a connection likely to bring fortune, grace, wisdom, spiritual realization, and growth in shared purposes to your relationship. Business interests between you are supported, as well as philosophy and educational goals. The nature of this connection is for you to give each other great spiritual support for expanded plans and career goals. Ramon provides a great deal of enthusiasm, with Eva providing the directional focus. There is generosity and enthusiasm between you, zeal to succeed, and wisdom to identify proper objectives. In a romantic context, there is responsiveness and good sharing between you. Wit and humor, trust and mutual support, a faith in spiritual connections that can bring your goals to fruition. A sense of independence and also freedom together is an important part of the mix. Ramon's Uranus in strong conjunction

12 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR EVA AND RAMON (within 2.2 degrees) with Eva's Neptune Angular planet - conjunct Ascendant The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. This aspect, of Uranus in conjunction with partner's Neptune, represents a great degree of shared spiritual development, and the potential of bringing a spiritual dimension to the worldly activity of the partnership. You care for the same things, in terms of the larger picture, and are inspired by events in the world to bring greater consciousness to it. You may feel a psychic connection between you. Artistic endeavors, as well as political and social movements, new ways of thinking and being, science, ideas, and humanitarian principles are highlighted. Ramon's Neptune in strong trine (within 1.2 degrees) with Eva's Midheaven The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect, of Neptune in flowing relation with partner's Midheaven gives you a good basis for spiritual endeavors with each other. Your partnership is aligned with mystical purpose, involving potentially the arts, drama, music, perhaps areas of the occult or psychic powers, and healing. Together, your intuition is applied to your objectives, which may be artistic or spiritual, or within some area of service to life, such as in the healing professions. Mutual support for each other is implied, and also creative effort and there may be a sense of sacrifice, or burdens which you feel necessary to maintain together, but these turn into joys with the compassion that comes through shared inspiration and service. In a romantic context, you encounter loving support and spiritual values in your relationship, a calm, congenial feeling that sustains life goals not depending on material manifestation. It is likely that Ramon is the more dreamy, spiritual and idealistic, while Eva represents the provider of focus and direction, although there is also the possibility of a transference effect that reverses these attributes. You are extremely sensitive to each other's emotions, and there can be telepathic support for each other, with much idealism and mutual devotion. Spiritual and creative purposes are brought together in a truly compassionate and service-oriented union in which you reach out to others as well. Ramon's Ascendant in strong opposition (within 2.9 degrees) with Eva's Moon Ruler of sun sign - sun's ruler and Ramon's Moon in trine (within 5.6 degrees) with Eva's Ascendant. Since your and your partner's complementary planets follow the same pattern, this aspect is

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