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Compatibility Report Eva and Ramon

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15 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR EVA AND RAMON competitive attitude between you which does not easily find its resolution, with respect to shared goals of a familial, business, or security-oriented nature. In a romantic context, there is attraction between you, with family oriented responses to each other and a strong desire to achieve mutual goals, although with the possibility of competitive attitudes between you as well, or difficulties such as one partner wishing to support the relationship in ways the other has not requested, or feeling between you that does not match direction or intent. There may be an out-of-balance condition involving home versus practical issues, perhaps of family versus career. There is also likely to be good communication between you, which may help to resolve potential problem areas. Ramon's Midheaven in strong square (within 0.8 degrees) with Eva's Venus and Ramon's Venus in square (within 3.1 degrees) with Eva's Midheaven. Since your and your partner's complementary planets follow the same pattern, this aspect is greatly emphasized in your reading. Pay special attention to the following material! The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect, of Venus in square with partner's Midheaven, represents a strong link between you regarding plans and aspirations, although with the potential for diffusion of objectives between you and waste or excess of some variety. You value the same things overall, though you may come to this appreciation from different angles. There may be a conflict between practical directions and selfish attitudes, or perhaps a lack of initiative, where one partner prefers to enjoy the fruits of labor while the other wishes to continue working. Eva provides an aesthetic sensibility, which in general supports the career goals of Ramon, or may at times operate at crosspurposes to these goals, while Ramon takes a more practical and real-world approach. There is likely to be an artistic side to the work you do together. In a romantic context, there is warmth and affection between you, with pleasure and sensuality along with a strong sense of aesthetics between you. Your life together can be abundant and beautiful, but also may be indulgent, or wasteful of resources. The appearance of being graceful in the eyes of the world is important, and you may place emphasis on ascending in social circles with each other. There is real rapport between you, but also perhaps an excess of ego, or over indulgence in life's pleasures. Career direction and shared purposes are likely to go well, and you are propelled toward success together, with Eva providing encouragement and inspiration, while Ramon receives and tries to keep the focus on track. Your relationship generally helpful, congenial, and warm, and your shared purpose is likely to include a strong creative

16 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR EVA AND RAMON component particularly in the way of the artistic or musical. Ramon's Moon in quintile (within 0.7 degrees) with Eva's Sun Leading planet of planetary pattern The planetary energies are positively linked, subtle, and spiritual in dimension. With the Sun and Moon in flowing relation between your two charts, you have a good connection with each other. This aspect symbolizes a great deal of closeness and shared interests between you. You will enjoy conscious awareness of your emotional states, with lots of nurturing, and open feelings, desire for comforts and bonding together, especially within a home or other secure environment. In a romantic context, this is a wonderful connection, for warmth, camaraderie, pleasurable exchanges and strong affinity. You like each other, and feel comfortable and comforted, with a likelihood of long term union or at least friendship. This aspect makes for real identity merging, and loving feeling between you. It symbolizes passion and romantic feeling, harmony of goals and unconditional sharing, strong emotional bonding, perhaps marriage or the equivalent. The family may come together through you, or you may build a family and children together. There is a sense of fairness and equality, with loyalty, protectiveness, and working for security. Eva tends to be the stronger, with Ramon the more devoted or giving. Although problems may arise with both of you wishing to be in control, these issues are usually resolved through the same pattern of giving and receiving, with each appreciating the unique qualities of the other. You may discover considerable enjoyment of things of the past or history, as well as general enthusiasm together. Since the Moon is involved, each of your feminine and softer sides will likely be brought forward by this relationship. Ramon's Moon in inconjunct (within 1.9 degrees) with Eva's Saturn The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. This aspect, of the Moon in minor dynamic relation with partner's Saturn, is somewhat difficult, and can indicate limits to growth and happiness together, unless long-term insight and maturity is applied. There is likely to be a sense of restrictive behavior which comes more from Eva, who is also likely to appear to be critical or demanding at times. Although there is a strong emotional connection between you, and a good basis for stability, one or both of you may seem emotionally cool to the other. In a romantic context, this aspect is a good indicator for a stable and long-term relationship such as marriage, although environment or family may turn out to be limiting, or expected benefits from the

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