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Compatibility Report Eva and Ramon

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21 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR EVA AND RAMON Ramon's Saturn in trine (within 2.8 degrees) with Eva's Midheaven and Ramon's Midheaven in conjunction (within 3.9 degrees) with Eva's Saturn. Since your and your partner's complementary planets follow the same pattern, this aspect is greatly emphasized in your reading. Pay special attention to the following material! The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. This aspect, of Saturn conjunct partner's Midheaven, indicates a relationship with a strong practical basis, in which you feel comfortable with each other's goals and achievements. This is very good for mutual business plans and objectives. Eva will tend to have a stabilizing, perhaps restrictive, affect on the partnership, while Ramon provides necessary vision. There is perseverance and long-term stability implied by this interaction. Eva may take on the role of a mentor or teacher for Ramon, and through holding back approval foster a slow and steady progress which ensures better and more complete accomplishments in the long run. In a romantic connection, you should avoid criticism, and excess of caution. This relationship is serious and also highly practical, with the sense of working through limitations to reach goals, of perseverance and long-term considerations. Business interests and practical life function may predominate, and a high degree of stability is indicated, which creates a lasting bond between you. This type of interaction, while not easy or light-hearted, can help you work together naturally and efficiently, especially if there are also lighter moments and good nature between you. There is a potential issue of control and authority present with this aspect which can make or break the relationship, so it is helpful to carefully consider the sign and element of the Midheaven or Saturn in the individual charts, in order to better understand your shared goals and how to work with this aspect, looking for the larger picture. Structure and workable planning is called for, and also perhaps letting go of ego-investment. But public rise to achievement and development of life objectives may well be enhanced overall. Ramon's Uranus in trine (within 2.9 degrees) with Eva's Venus The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect, of Venus in flowing relation to partner's Uranus, symbolizes a pattern of real friendship and harmony, with mutual encouragement and sharing, in an unusual, innovative and altruistic partnership. The indications are good for artistic achievement in the work you do together. You have an instant and intuitive rapport with each other. You are likely to benefit yourselves and others, bringing in a unique and perhaps

22 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR EVA AND RAMON eccentric form of excitement. Inspiration from new dimensions of experience combines with worldly interests to enhance cooperation between you, for your mutual benefit and that of society around you. In a romantic connection, there is likely to be a form of infatuation between you, and an unusual quality to the romance that leads to an almost magnetic attraction for each other. Your partner may demonstrate an above average romantic streak of unusual character, with gifts or other unexpected shows of devotion. Both of you are stimulated, sometimes intellectually, always harmoniously. Many close friends are also indicated, especially inclining to unique acquaintances. Originality and Imagination come together, with the fascination of convivial companionship and shared interest. Ramon's Uranus in sextile (within 2.7 degrees) with Eva's Pluto The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. This aspect, of Uranus in flowing relation with Pluto, reflects a mutual interest in the partnership for group endeavor towards specific goals, and humanitarian effort. There is likely to be an emphasis in your relationship on social conscience, and testing of the group psyche. There may be a rebellious attitude that you both share, which encourages versatility and self-expression into unknown or unexplored realms. You feel the nature of ageless wisdom coming through you, giving you a strong push to support each other in progress toward transformation. Ramon's Neptune in quintile (within 1.1 degrees) with Eva's Jupiter Focal planet of planetary pattern The planetary energies are positively linked, subtle, and spiritual in dimension. This aspect, of Jupiter in flowing relation with partner's Neptune, makes for a highly spiritual as well as creative, sensitive and intuitive partnership. There is likely to be a strong psychic connection between you. There is also idealism, realization of ideals, and artistic creativity, possibly religious or philosophical activities or acts of charity. In a romantic context, you give to each other with good intentions and generous support, and open acceptance of the other's weaknesses. You can perhaps also experience problems with self-indulgence. There is likely to be a propitious accumulation, of wealth, or honors for charitable work performed. One partner, perhaps Eva, provides a sense of wisdom and freedom, while Ramon is giving and sensitive to Eva's needs. This aspect helps the partnership to last, and bespeaks of higher motivations between you. Ramon's Neptune in conjunction (within 5.7 degrees) with Eva's

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