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Compatibility Report Eva and Ramon

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3 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR EVA AND RAMON romantic context, you fire up energy together, and feel strong as partners for each other, yet this very enthusiasm may lead to exaggerated expectations, or wasteful excess of some type. There may be good healthy support for each other in your partnership, but you should also be aware that discipline is required. Ramon's Sun in strong sextile (within 3.1 degrees) with Eva's Uranus The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. This aspect, of Sun in flowing relation with partner's Uranus, symbolizes a changeable relationship, with an element of mental stimulation that promotes excitement and creative flair. It is likely that Eva brings much stimulation and change as well as unusual enjoyment to Ramon. Something calls the two of you to a broader type of relationship, with widespread interests, and often of a humanitarian or multi-cultural character. In a romantic context there is some unique attraction that stimulates your interaction. You have a good basis of friendship and support for each other, and may also be inventively sensual together. You can apply your good rapport into reaching each other in unique ways; and you may experience unusual partnering connections. You may find that your relationship brings brothers and sisters into the picture, or people of other races or creeds, and you may wish to explore science together, or perhaps film, or other cultural areas. Life between you may be in a continual state of flux, creating the need for readjustment. There is also a spiritual component, as you go through many changes, by giving up and going "with the flow" of unusual surprises and much good fellowship encountered along the way. You have a good start on a dynamic and exciting, and possibly world shaking partnership, although there is an erratic side to your connection that may incite discordant feelings between you. If you allow ultimate freedom and independence for each other, you benefit in what becomes a unique and evolved form of relationship. Ramon's Neptune in opposition (within 8.5 degrees) with Eva's Sun Leading planet of planetary pattern and Ramon's Sun in quintile (within 0.3 degrees) with Eva's Neptune. Since your and your partner's complementary planets follow the same pattern, this aspect is greatly emphasized in your reading. Pay special attention to the following material! The planetary energies are positively linked, subtle, and spiritual in dimension. This aspect, of Sun in flowing relation with partner's Neptune, symbolizes a sensitive, compassionate and supportive connection between you. Your partnership is likely to be strongly spiritual as well as artistically

4 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR EVA AND RAMON creative. There is a sense of giving and support on the part of Eva for Ramon. Sensitive and telepathic, you share interests together, as Eva provides nurturing for the creative fire of Ramon, while Ramon gives light and leadership to the more variable Eva. You are creative together, without need for detail or technique, and share a caretaking sympathy for one another as well as for mankind at large, and for that matter, for life in general, but without a sense of duty or obligation. Your relationship may well provide spiritual leadership for others. In a romantic context, this aspect indicates a spiritual, artistic, sympathetic, and sensual connection, that feeds strength and creativity into your partnership. You feel and empathize together, enjoying mutual passions, and may use imagination in your lovemaking. Both of you share in the feeling of being taken care of in this relationship. There may be a sense of a psychic link with each other, or of feeling harmonized by higher senses, which may take you to fantasy and imagination worlds together. You will always enjoy film, arts, and artistic creativity with each other. Your lives together are likely to be sympathetically responsive and spiritually satisfying. Ramon's Moon in strong square (within 0.9 degrees) with Eva's Mercury The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect, of the Moon in square with partner's Mercury, indicates an out of balance condition in your communication that requires constant adjustment for smooth functioning between you. Some part of the basic direction you take with each other divides thought from feeling. You may not be able to agree, because one wants what is practical and the other tends toward emotional considerations, or one is more mental and the other sensitive. Together, you can strike a balance by uniting thought and feeling, but this is not always easy. In a romantic connection, there is a potential for missed communication, separate viewpoints, or otherwise not clear contact with each other. These difficulties can be overcome with mature understanding. Adaptation in your partnership to changes of feeling is needed. In dealing with these disharmonies, it is best not to push ideas or force emotional viewpoints on each other, but to regard communication mishaps as merely a challenge requiring adjustment. The process of finding harmony with each other includes living in practical modes of connection, of developing individual traits that can help both, like planning and building a garden together. Ramon's Uranus in strong trine (within 2.6 degrees) with Eva's Moon Ruler of sun sign - sun's ruler

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