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Compatibility Report Helen and Oliver

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3 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR HELEN AND OLIVER over-indulgence in life's pleasures. This aspect symbolizes attraction, pleasure and enjoyment in your union, together with a sense of beauty, creative entertainment, and harmonious interaction, although you may have to work through this sense of enjoyment being somehow less than perfectly realized, perhaps self-indulgent, or in some way leading to a sense of frustration with each other. You may encounter problems such as spending wastefully, or your passions may get out of balance with responsibility. There is generally warmth between you, yet the appeal of one for the other may have some disregard for true caring, or your enjoyment may be extravagant, and without prudent restraint. Whether it be pride or magnanimity, indulgence or positive enjoyment, is a choice you make. There may be differences in taste or style, but there is also an excellent ability to earn, enjoy abundance, and to relate well. You have a strong liking for each other in a generally beneficial interaction which affects your lives for the better as well as the life of society around you. Oliver's Sun in strong square (within 0.6 degrees) with Helen's Mars The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect, of Sun in square with partner's Mars, indicates an energetic, athletic, motivated, and passionate partnership, but also may symbolize will or ego conflict between you which may manifest in fits of temper. Together, you have a passion to succeed and excel, with perhaps some type of masculine bravado in the mix; such as risk taking, or a real sense of adventure. There is also a strong chance for rivalry between you. Your partnership benefits if you can keep your focus on your mutual awareness of vital life pursuits, and your drive to succeed together. In a romantic context, you feel physical passion but also tension. Conflicts can arise, as your wills clash and ego desires inflame disagreements. You feel the impulse to do and move together, yet there may also be discord or you may get the feeling that you are working at crossed purposes. You do well if you bring a high degree of consciousness, rational control and planning to the mix, in order that feelings of aggression between you not get out of hand, perhaps even leading to violent expressions. Your achievement together can be great or difficult, depending on how well you can get along with each other. The distress of purpose and direction not fully aligned may require some understanding of each other's true motivations. Consciousness and foresight can go far to offset the possibilities for impatience and conflict between you. Oliver's Pluto in strong square (within 0.8 degrees) with Helen's Sun Ruler of sun sign - sun's ruler

4 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR HELEN AND OLIVER The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect, of Sun in square with partner's Pluto, symbolizes transformation and radical change as an important part of your relationship. It signals potential major life changes, with empowerment and growth for both partners, although there may be unconscious antagonisms between you which are difficult although very rewarding to work out. Authoritative control on the part of one partner can become manipulative, or turn into bullying. There is some deep level of connection which works for change in each of you, as relatively unconscious behaviors surface and potentially explode. As you work through these issues you may decide to give up the battle, or else you may discover untapped sources of strength as your partnership evolves, bringing a renewed confidence, and awareness of your true path. In a romantic context, this aspect represents a contact that is strongly even overwhelmingly powerful, sensual and passionate in sexual expression. This is a difficult aspect, indicating will and passion, and also some degree of conflict, within the partnership. There are likely to be issues of ego between you, or the direction one partner takes may appear selfish to the other. There may be a reforming attitude on the part of one of the partners, and obsession or other excessive behavior is also possible. You may also feel a magnetic attraction for each other, and may feel some sense of having known each other in a past life or other depth connection. There are difficulties to be worked through however, including the possibility of deceit within the partnership, or friction and resistance to authority may lead to vindictive behavior. These secretive and withheld areas can become destructive forces, or else can become issues to be worked through together. This can be incredibly challenging, but still you can overcome these drawbacks, as a partnership, and learn the depth of your own true nature, of your ability to evolve and grow in any circumstance. Change is inevitable through your relationship, as you confront in order to replace those portions of behavior that have outgrown their usefulness. Oliver's Moon in strong trine (within 0.3 degrees) with Helen's Moon The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. With this aspect, of the Moon in flowing relation with partner's Moon, you have an good emotional rapport with each other. You feel comfortable together, with a sense of commitment to mutual goals. You may feel an almost psychic bond, as though connected from sharing some ancient, and perhaps unconscious, past experiences together. The feeling is of desiring to help and supply, and to care for each other. This aspect is a helpful indicator if your relationship involves food, or restaurants, or sharing of all types of

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