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Compatibility Report Helen and Oliver

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5 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR HELEN AND OLIVER environments, and symbolizes also good fellowship with friends. You feel a heightened response and receptivity for each other, partaking together of the nurturing, and the feminine, side of life. In a romantic context, this aspect represents a supportive and feelings-oriented relationship, a powerful symbolic statement about bonding, nurture, and loyalty for each other. You are protective toward each other, perhaps with ties to children and family, or other connections that go back in time. You are easy companions and enjoy living together, and sharing the same spaces. You comfort and nurture each other, being natural emotional allies that together can forge a comfortable and safe home environment that keeps away the harsh realities of the mundane world. Home, family, business, and romance are all supported by this aspect, although the Moon tie often needs other aspects to make it stronger and more vital in the world. In any case, loyalty is strong between you, with devotion maintained, and long-term practical sensitivity aligned with shared goals. You help, feed, and emote together in mutual acceptance, with warmth, affection, and a strong show of positive feeling, which is likely to be felt and shared by others such as other family members. Oliver's Mercury in square (within 6.8 degrees) with Helen's Moon and Oliver's Moon in square (within 7.2 degrees) with Helen's Mercury. Since your and your partner's complementary planets follow the same pattern, this aspect is greatly emphasized in your reading. Pay special attention to the following material! The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect, of the Moon in square with partner's Mercury, indicates an out of balance condition in your communication that requires constant adjustment for smooth functioning between you. Some part of the basic direction you take with each other divides thought from feeling. You may not be able to agree, because one wants what is practical and the other tends toward emotional considerations, or one is more mental and the other sensitive. Together, you can strike a balance by uniting thought and feeling, but this is not always easy. In a romantic connection, there is a potential for missed communication, separate viewpoints, or otherwise not clear contact with each other. These difficulties can be overcome with mature understanding. Adaptation in your partnership to changes of feeling is needed. In dealing with these disharmonies, it is best not to push ideas or force emotional viewpoints on each other, but to regard communication mishaps as merely a challenge requiring adjustment. The process of finding harmony with each other includes living in practical modes of connection, of

6 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR HELEN AND OLIVER developing individual traits that can help both, like planning and building a garden together. Oliver's Moon in strong opposition (within 0.2 degrees) with Helen's Jupiter The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. This aspect, of the Moon opposite partner's Jupiter, indicates increased enjoyment, beneficial mutual cooperation, and expansion of goals and plans with each other. Spiritual feelings are likely be included in this partnership. There is a strong and positive optimistic feeling between you and a natural expectation of the ideal, that only occasionally leads to excess. Helen may bring some great gift or abundance into Oliver's life, and the nurturing and support provided by Oliver will be expanded and uplifted by the actions of Helen. There is an element of down to earth practicality mingled with an abundant and optimistic nature and the sense of knowledge well shared. In a romantic context, this is a most positive connection that expands, enthuses, enlivens, supports, and nurtures you. Your romance is based in ecstatic friendship, with a good rapport and a strong inclination to exuberance. You enjoy each other fully and understand each other's feelings, leading to good possibilities for a peaceful home life. Positive and glowing, this is joy proclaimed, as you encounter feelings of freedom with each other, and partake of both a practical and a broader viewpoint together. Your relationship may engender the pursuit of knowledge and the world at large, perhaps of history or of the past in some way. You are likely to travel well, and enjoy the outdoors, as well as your family environment and relations. This is a very positive aspect, productive of spiritual wisdom, fantasy, and good nature in general. Oliver's Mercury in strong trine (within 0.2 degrees) with Helen's Mercury The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect, of Mercury in flowing relation with Mercury, gives you a good basis in your partnership for shared communication and ideas. You are likely to be on the same mental wavelength, with similar interests and visions. Good communications intensify your connection, with social appeal, and loads of fun and laughter together. Also emphasized are writing together and mutual collaborations involving the media, mind, or ideas. In a romantic context, you field each other's ideas well, with congenial insights and like visions which illuminate your sharing. Good communication, always important, is enhanced for this relationship. You will likely experience a strong desire to converse with and to learn from each other, and to be

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