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Compatibility Report Yuna and Akira

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9 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR YUNA AND AKIRA you is potentially encouraged, and your partnership has definite earning potential, although you must beware of working at cross-purposes. It is also possible that artistic endeavors form an important basis for your partnership connection. In a romantic context, you share warmth and material values, displays of beauty and fashion interest, or self-expression involving art or music. You have a magnetic appeal for each other, and the attraction is strong, with perhaps one of you aligned more deeply with the feelings or purposes of their partner. It is also possible that unbounded desire or merely definite interest in material abundance can lead to self-indulgences and loss of balance or otherwise be found disagreeable. There may be a sense of sensual pleasures carried to excess, or the waste of vanity and immoderate values, or the prospect of gratification delayed. One person may not share the values of the other, or perhaps investments may not turn out as you had intended. Still, love between you is well intentioned, and you share joy and the pleasures of life together, and thus much good can come of this relationship. There can be wealth, abundance, a sense of beauty in your surroundings, and a feeling of blessings and productivity. But the possibility of conflicts between sensual enjoyment versus personal destiny makes this relationship something of a challenge. Akira's Neptune in strong sextile (within 0.4 degrees) with Yuna's Ascendant The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. This aspect of Neptune in flowing relation with partner's Ascendant, indicates a spiritualizing influence of your relationship that affects both partners. Together you are likely to have a focus of artistic creativity, and perhaps also of service or being helpful to others. Akira is likely to embody these qualities, while Yuna receives the benefit. This aspect also indicates inspiration, sympathy, and perhaps confusion. There may be some sacrifice of material for spiritual values, and compassion and sacrifice come into play as well. Support is available in your relationship to heal, to be sensitive, and to feel reverence and devotion. Creativity between you will be applied with good results, although practicality is not the strongest point in your connection. In a romantic context, there is intuitive sharing, sympathy and an empathic connection with your partner, the telepathic feeling of wisdom beyond knowing, with a sharing of artistic senses, as well as sensual enjoyment, especially of water and the ocean. Lack of attachment to earthly things may involve you in other-worldly pursuits. There may be some form of caretaking of one for the other, or sympathetic feelings, giving without need of return, perhaps sacrificing for one another, generally a sensitivity to

10 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR YUNA AND AKIRA each other's feelings and hopes. Some dissolving of issues, and patterns, and loss of practicality, perhaps living in a fantasy world of dreamy desire. Yet your relationship overall is spiritually positive, with trust and faith between you that will grow. There is much love and compassion, gentle simplicity, and there is likely to be a sense of sensual enjoyment between you as well. Akira's Chiron in strong trine (within 1.3 degrees) with Yuna's Ascendant The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. Other Comparison Aspects Akira's Ascendant in strong sextile (within 0.8 degrees) with Yuna's Saturn The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. This aspect, of Saturn in flowing relation with partner's Ascendant, indicates a practical side to the relationship that can feel like limitation, duty or burdens of some kind. This represents a purposeful interaction, but also indicates some form of perhaps self-imposed discipline experienced by the partners. The imposed control is likely felt most strongly by Akira, although it may be the other way around. The discipline and restriction engendered by this partnership can be supportive and productive as well, and helpful in working through problems together. In a romantic context, your relationship is inclined towards serious effort, and practicality, even in romance, such as having stable agreements and workable conditions, and it may be quite productive, supporting a long-term bond with each other. There is likely a tendency toward practical and effective daily function, forcing one partner to produce or to insure the relationship in some way. The ability to bear burdens and share tasks with each other is part of all this, and your relationship is likely to excel with this aspect. Akira's Midheaven in strong square (within 1.0 degrees) with Yuna's Midheaven The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. Your Midheavens are square to each other. You may have quite different jobs in the same focus area. There could also be direct conflict of goals and purposes. You may not agree, or choose to agree despite differences. This compromise forces attention to accepting opposites or varying characters, and your very different styles. You may make the most of this with positive accentuation of your individualities, and allowing, and supporting them towards similar goals, or by permitting

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