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Compatibility Report Yuna and Akira

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19 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR YUNA AND AKIRA Perhaps your or your partner's need for intimacy can leave one or the other feeling unwanted or with affections that are not returned. Environment or family can also turn out to be limiting, and expected benefits from the relationship may be delayed or not forthcoming. You may be put off by a feeling that your partner is too closed, or a feeling of emotional restriction, or misunderstandings can arise between you, but you do well when you are observant of the positive qualities you and your partner share, exercise patience and tolerance with each other and focus on shared objectives. Akira's Saturn in opposition (within 3.5 degrees) with Yuna's Mercury Ruler of sun sign - sun's ruler The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. This aspect, of Mercury in opposition with partner's Saturn, inclines to stability, as well as an appreciation of learning and education and also indicates the potential for restrictions, disputes or disagreement regarding goals in your relationship. On the plus side, this aspect also reflects necessary restrictions and the awareness of proper boundaries. Yuna may learn much from Akira in the course of the relationship. You may find travel plans are not well supported, or business cooperation is hindered. There is the possibility of limitation, overuse of logic, or lack of spontaneity. There may be a tendency for Akira to be critical, discouraging, and apt to judgment. In a romantic context, this aspect may enhance and deepen your connection by providing stability, but there can also be difficulties between you, where one feels belittled or criticized, or has goals that remain unmet. The effect of Akira may be to slow down and present obstacles to the aims and ideas of Yuna which can also be undermining to Yuna's self-confidence. Growth is possible, but only through shared agreements well thought out. The experience of delays or resistance can build better connections and longer term plans, but this requires spiritual maturity. There are many obstacles to overcome, and there may be health risks, or other challenges to get past, so both partners need discipline to move through it and forge a bond with each other. Akira's Uranus in square (within 8.6 degrees) with Yuna's Moon The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect, of the Moon in square with partner's Uranus, indicates a partnership based on mutual interests, friendship, and unique appreciation of individuality, although there also can be emotional upsets, unexpected turns of feeling, or disregard for the other's point of view. The unconventional, indiscreet or inconsiderate actions of Akira

20 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR YUNA AND AKIRA may go against the grain of Yuna, or may grow into emotional disconnects between you. Change definitely comes about in your life as a result of this partnership. Adaptability is required, and also the awareness of your separate interests. In a romantic context, you may find an instantaneous and almost magnetic attraction between you, a strong pull towards getting together quickly and intimately, but this aspect may also indicate some exasperating distancing, or aloof feelings between you, or imbalance of emotion. You may feel not at all the same, or perhaps disregard the other's feelings, in what may turn out to be an unusual romance in terms of environment or styles. Domestic life between you may be unsettled and outside influences or the friction of career direction versus home life may separate you. You can withstand these pressures when an allowing and mature understanding is present between you. The at times irascible nature of your interaction may need some constructive realignment, or perhaps one partner's moodiness may need to be given more freedom. Refreshing personality traits and good humor between you provides a helpful source of resolution, serving to enliven you with a sense of joy in your feelings for each other. Akira's Uranus in opposition (within 3.5 degrees) with Yuna's Mars The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. This aspect, of Mars in dynamic relation with partner's Uranus, promotes aggressive and independent action in both partners. Your willful side emerges, stimulated by this relationship. This aspect also promotes creative innovation in science, mechanics or enterprise, and confident adventuring. Together, you exhibit progressive or rebellious tendencies, with a focus on humanitarian effort. With the erratic and freedom-loving energy of Uranus in the partnership picture, there also are sparks that fly occasionally, volatile emotions that come up quite suddenly. If you actively seek positive applications, there is a good foundation for a shared new vision between you, a lively intellectual and questing spirit no longer tolerant of an outmoded status quo. In a romantic connection, this aspect invites inventive lovemaking, unique freedom, and adaptation to change, with physical versatility and mobility, or even anti-social rebellion, which you may both enjoy. However, one of you may find yourself irritated with the other, perhaps over demands of too much freedom, or attitudes and perceptions not fully compatible with both viewpoints. With this aspect, you are both strong-willed, and may be all too well inclined to risky behavior, or one of you may pursue unique or selfish aims. But the uncertainty can be stimulating, like on mountain climbing journeys. Together, you possess a strength of purpose that can take

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