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Compatibility Report Yuna and Akira

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21 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR YUNA AND AKIRA you far with each other, especially in the areas of humanitarian, technical, or international, and universal objectives. The trick is too keep your focus on goals that are fully productive for you both. Akira's Uranus in conjunction (within 5.5 degrees) with Yuna's Neptune The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. This aspect, of Uranus in conjunction with partner's Neptune, represents a great degree of shared spiritual development, and the potential of bringing a spiritual dimension to the worldly activity of the partnership. You care for the same things, in terms of the larger picture, and are inspired by events in the world to bring greater consciousness to it. You may feel a psychic connection between you. Artistic endeavors, as well as political and social movements, new ways of thinking and being, science, ideas, and humanitarian principles are highlighted. Akira's Neptune in trine (within 3.8 degrees) with Yuna's Venus Angular planet - conjunct Descendant The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect, of Venus in flowing relation with partner's Neptune, represents an idealized connection between you. Your relationship may involve music, art, dance, spirituality, and areas of service. There is sympathy, and creativity, together with some aspect of the feminine. The empathy and support of Akira is appreciated by Yuna, who also provides solid ground for Akira, either financially or in some creative form. In a romantic context, this sensitive aspect aligns with congenial empathy, idealized love, spiritual feeling, and artistic sharing. You will likely share feelings of elegance, grace and charm just being around each other, and take pleasure in natural settings or the enjoyment of artistic events together. You may need to guard against mutual self-indulgence. There is likely to be much sympathy between you, a truly compassionate consideration of your partner's needs in genuine loving surrender that may border on sacrifice. You could easily become spiritually inspired love partners and create a lasting bond of friendship and mutual respect. Akira's Neptune in semisquare (within 0.6 degrees) with Yuna's Saturn The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; calmness is required. This aspect, of Saturn in minor aspect with partner's Neptune, symbolizes inspiration, practical support for each other, and a responsibility toward service for others. There is a feeling of helpfulness between you,

22 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR YUNA AND AKIRA which may also extend to other people as well. Areas of focus may include bringing into accord spirituality and business, or work in the healing professions. In a romantic context, you are helpful and supportive of each other's needs. Akira's Neptune in conjunction (within 4.8 degrees) with Yuna's Neptune The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. This aspect, of Neptune conjunct partner's Neptune, represents a generational influence of shared feeling, sensitivity, and caretaking that applies to similar areas of life. Spiritual goals may be quite similar between you, and your peers will also feel the same way. You may also find that you feel a lack of sympathy to that part of the outer world that does not share your views. In a romantic context, you will find service and helpfulness for each other, and mutual support, together with harmony and creativity in the arts as well. Your basic spiritual alignment brings sympathy and compassion for each other, and sharing of music, drama, and also a sense of mysticism. You also may encounter some degree of dissipation or disillusion, perhaps the desire to escape from life's hardships into worlds of your own, but primarily you are happily joined, sensually, as well as spiritually. Akira's Pluto in conjunction (within 2.9 degrees) with Yuna's Ascendant The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. This aspect, of Pluto in dynamic relation with partner's Ascendant, symbolizes a depth of character to your relationship, and likely represents some karmic or past-life connection, in which you recognize an almost telepathic link to each other and purposes shared together. Both of you have the potential to be willful, even manipulative, and you may clash at times, but combining your strivings into a unified direction can bring you great returns on investment of effort. In a romantic context, this aspect represents a powerful connection between you, with physical attraction and passion, a magnetic pull that brings you together. Your relationship is based on sensual lovemaking, perhaps dramatically so, along with a profound drive towards achievement, and an unusual depth of feeling between you. Passions can flair up, although change of desire and unexpected emotions can enflame or ignite problems or your love for each other. Very strong and the sense of being karmic contacts, with a hint of danger. Confronting problems should be handled early on. Interesting insight is provided. The psychological aspect of this relationship may be very important for your individual spiritual growth, as well as the innovative and researching of your mutual goals. Ignites

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