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Example Horoscope: 12 month forecast 2021 Pisces

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Here you can have a look at an example horoscope

20 12

20 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2021 FOR ETHAN events. Try not to be too rash in taking action, though, since sometimes the "wait and see" game is best in the long run. 19/2/2021 to 26/2/2021, exact 23/2/2021 Transiting Mars in conjunction with natal Ascendant The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. This transit affects self-expression, including your creative potential and your sense of well-being. Your physical vitality is also affected, and your attitude to life in general. The warlike energy of Mars comes strongly into your personality as a result of this transit, and it gives you tremendous energy and vitality. You may feel such a burst of energy for new projects that you will literally "burn up the tracks" in getting things accomplished. If you are not expending loads of energy on your work or other projects you might want to find an outlet in sports or in working out. You also may be far more argumentative than usual for this brief period of time, so try to take it easy on other people. 21/2/2021 to 7/4/2021, exact 23/2/2021 Transiting Mars into natal First House Your will is strong, at this time, and you may have a tendency to push yourself forward or to try to dominate others. This is a period of time, usually lasting about six weeks, when your focus tends to be on yourself, when you exploit your nature as a unique individual in order to get ahead in the world. You have lots of energy and great physical vitality during this transit, and you only need to guard against impulsive or even rash behavior. Whatever experiences come to you at this time, you will be ready to use them to the fullest advantage in your life development. 22/2/2021 to 3/3/2021, exact 26/2/2021 Transiting Jupiter in sesquiquadrate with natal Pluto The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; control is required. This transit boosts your urge for selftransformation and regeneration. Conflicts and drastic changes may come up for you during this relatively brief period of time. Your plans and aspirations for the future, as well as religious feelings, may be brought to a deeper point of view at this time, and these areas of life may change as a result of this transit. You are more serious and look more deeply into fields of study that are important to you at this time. Travel plans are another possibility for more serious and renewed energy during the course of this transit. Your ideals and aspirations may be called into question and you also could find that you are more interested in your own unconscious

21 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2021 FOR ETHAN process or that of others during this period of time. 24/2/2021 to 13/3/2021, exact 4/3/2021 Transiting Jupiter in trine with natal Uranus The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. Feelings of restlessness may come up for you in a big way during this period of time. This transit affects your urge for freedom and spontaneity. You may decide to leave on a trip, or your plans for the future could change rather rapidly at any point during this period, or a planned educational experience may alter. You have a real need to express your individuality and your independence at this time, as well as renewed positive energy toward such uniquely personal goals. You will also likely have new and perhaps powerful spiritual insights during the course of this transit. 25/2/2021 to 28/2/2021, exact 26/2/2021 Transiting Mars in semi-square with natal Chiron The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; calmness is required. For this brief period of time, you will become more conscious of the energy for personal transformation and healing in your life. This will likely mean exposing some form of deepseated pain for the purpose of working through old issues and ultimately healing these issues. During this brief period of time, you may be blessed to provide the impetus for healing to others. You may also feel healing energy come into your life from a meeting with another person during the course of this transit. As another possible result of this transit, issues with ego may come up for you, or issues of self-acceptance versus feelings of rejection. Usually these types of events point to deeper issues which you may not have brought all the way up to your consciousness, but which remain as a source of irritation and frustration operating more or less unconsciously at a deep level of your psyche. These issues may be painful to connect with. But getting in touch with these areas is for your ultimate benefit, for the more integration you can achieve within your psyche, the more whole you are and the more you can bring yourself forward to be of help to other people on the same journey of discovery. 25/2/2021 to 15/3/2021, exact 6/3/2021 Transiting Jupiter in square with natal Mars The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

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