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Example Horoscope: 12 month forecast Leo

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Here you can have a look at an example horoscope

19 12

19 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2021 FOR EMILY with which you express your ideas. You may find yourself becoming sharp tongued with people at this time. Your mind and intellect are affected, as well as your communication generally, such as written messages or conversations, also talking with friends and associates. These areas of your life will be energized and ego issues brought to bear on them during the relatively brief period of time this transit is in effect. You have an unusually forceful and strong-willed stance in your communication with others right now. It is good for trying to get your ideas across or a plan in motion when other people need to be convinced. However, you need to beware of being overly critical with friends and associates during this time. There may be difficulties that arise in your communication with other people, and conflict is a distinct possibility. Greater energy is also available for friends or perhaps for thinking about the direction of your life force. 11/3/2021 to 3/4/2021, exact 22/3/2021 Transiting Saturn in semisextile with natal Uranus The planetary energies attract each other, require effort, allow entry of new information. You may feel restrictions to your freedom during this period of time, or feel that you want to be breaking away from something, but find yourself unable to do so. This conflict is unsettling for a time, but it will pass as the transit moves on and eventually diminishes in its influence. What you can take away from the experience is a more focused awareness of your energy for freedom and the search for new horizons, in spite of remaining, and to whatever extent you do remain, in the limitations of your established place in the world. 12/3/2021 to 18/3/2021, exact 15/3/2021 Transiting Mars in square with natal Venus The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. You are full of relationship energy of all kinds during this transit, lasting about a week. You have loads of energy for your intimate partnerships during this period, which may manifest as an enhanced sex drive, or just more of a drive toward closeness and intimacy. Affected also are your sense of aesthetics, and your values generally, and these areas will also be enhanced and energized during the course of this transit. It is a good time to involve yourself in artistic projects, or creative work of any kind. You will undoubtedly be more responsive to your surroundings than usual, and you may also experience an increased sociability at this time. It is a great time to go to a party, or to give one. You are not much interested in work and the harsh realities during this period,

20 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2021 FOR EMILY being more engaged in love and the joyous abundance of life. 13/3/2021 to 5/4/2021, exact 24/3/2021 Transiting Saturn in inconjunct with natal Moon The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. For this period of time, you may feel somewhat lonely and isolated, as you dwell on the self-determined structure of your own life, rather than being able to relate wholeheartedly to friends and family. The Moon in your natal chart is a reflection of the female or instinctual part of your nature. These areas of life become emphasized in your awareness, and slowed down for you making you notice even more the part they play in your life as a result of this transit. 17/3/2021 to 6/4/2021, exact 27/3/2021 Transiting Jupiter in opposition with natal Jupiter The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. Your faith and your plans or aspirations as well as religious feelings will be powerfully and positively affected at this time, based on the 12-year cycle of Jupiter to its natal position, of which this transit is but one phase. Travel or educational plans are another possibility for expansion and renewed energy during the course of this transit. This is an especially important and beneficial period of time in your life. You have a renewed optimism and faith in yourself, and are likely to influence others by the example of your good energy. You must also be careful to temper your positive attitude at this time with a healthy dose of practicality or else you might over-commit yourself, but in general this is a great period of time for enhancing your possibilities. This energy may be useful for increased leadership in worldly affairs or for choosing different goals in life, perhaps adopting a more spiritual path. 20/3/2021 to 24/3/2021, exact 22/3/2021 Transiting Mars in semi-sextile with natal Moon The planetary energies attract each other, require effort, allow entry of new information. You may find yourself expressing anger more openly than you usually do. This can be a benefit, since feelings brought out into the open are thus more available to yourself and others. This aspect also indicates a period of time when action is a more comfortable mode of operation than sitting back and awaiting events. Try not to be too rash in taking action, though, since sometimes the "wait and see" game is best in the long run.

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