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Example Horoscope: 12 month forecast Leo

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Here you can have a look at an example horoscope

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37 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2021 FOR EMILY 27/5/2021 to 30/5/2021, exact 29/5/2021 Transiting Mars in semi-square with natal Venus The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; calmness is required. This transit, lasting about a week, brings a great physical energy and a combative attitude to the factors represented by Venus in your natal chart: love and relationship, and also personal creativity. You may also notice an increase in your sex-drive during this period. Affected also are your values, including your aesthetic sensibility and your enjoyment of life's pleasures, and your appreciation for the beauty of your surroundings, areas that will be energized and enhanced during this relatively brief period of time. You may be less open to compromise than usual. You will also have more energy for all kinds of creative projects. 27/5/2021 to 15/7/2021, exact 20/6/2021 SR Transiting Jupiter into natal Fifth House During this transit, which lasts about one year, you are very sure of yourself and have good vitality. You like to show off your good side. You may find yourself more creative than usual because of your increased selfconfidence. You have an opportunity now to display your abilities, and you are also attracted to higher learning, and the fine arts, at this time. You can also be extravagant or suffer from errors in judgment during this transit, and may have a tendency to overdo things. In the rush of your enthusiasm for life you should beware of excessive egotism. 28/5/2021 to 31/5/2021, exact 30/5/2021 Transiting Mars in semi-sextile with natal Jupiter The planetary energies attract each other, require effort, allow entry of new information. You are likely to have beneficial contacts with other people, and have positive feelings come up for you in regard to important interpersonal relationships during the approximately week-long period of time this transit is in effect. You may have so much physical energy that you need to seek an outlet for it in sports or related activities. Travel is another urge that may come over you at this time. Overall, you will find you have much greater energy than usual, and your renewed sense of optimism may give you great clarity of purpose. There is a higher purpose to your activity at this time, beyond merely striving for ego gratification. Any activities that you engage in during this time will be very productive for you in long-term results, provided that you keep in balance and refrain from overdoing it. 31/5/2021 to 15/11/2021, exact 19/7/2021; exact

38 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2021 FOR EMILY 21/9/2021 R Transiting Uranus in trine with natal Mars The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. You are likely to experience sudden alterations in your passional nature or your physical energy or your progress toward your goals in life at this time. You may also be more irritable than usual, but you should be quite capable of avoiding damaging confrontations. You have more energy than usual, and benefit from channeling it into constructive physical activities such as sport or dance. You may feel restless and desire to make changes in the way that you direct your life's actions toward your goals. These may be changes that have been brewing for a long time that you need to express. You may be tempted to be impulsive under this influence, but you should try for a balanced and gradual approach to striving for your goals. 1/6/2021 to 7/6/2021, exact 4/6/2021 Transiting Mars in square with natal Ascendant The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This transit give a boost to your selfexpression, including your creative potential and your sense of well-being. Your physical vitality is also enhanced, and your attitude to life in general. The warlike energy of Mars comes into your personality as a result of this transit, and you may be more argumentative than usual for this brief period of time. 2/6/2021 to 9/7/2021, no date of exact Transiting Jupiter in semisextile with natal Saturn The planetary energies attract each other, require effort, allow entry of new information. Opportunity may present itself to you, not in any grand design, but rather in focusing on the everyday tasks that constantly present themselves to you and demand your attention. It is a good time for moving ahead with your long-term career or other goals, and it is also a good time to break free of previous setbacks or restrictions. Your progress will be slow but sure and the long-term benefits of this period cannot be denied in your life. 4/6/2021 to 9/11/2021, exact 29/7/2021; exact 11/9/2021 R Transiting Uranus in trine with natal Neptune The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This transit electrifies your sense of spirituality, and your ideals. Feelings of confusion may come up for you during this time. You will undoubtedly have new spiritual

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