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Example Horoscope: 12 month forecast Leo

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Here you can have a look at an example horoscope

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49 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2021 FOR EMILY 1/8/2021 to 4/8/2021, exact 3/8/2021 Transiting Mars in inconjunct with natal Saturn The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. You are stopped in your tracks in the outward arc of your go power for these few days, but it is a good time for getting serious about what you are actually trying to accomplish. The established structures in your life are likely to demand more of your attention than usual for this brief period of time. It is not a good time for going ahead with large-scale projects, but rather for sticking with routine and accomplishing in little ways. 1/8/2021 to 17/9/2021, exact 2/8/2021 Transiting Mars into natal Eleventh House Group values and your goals generally are emphasized during the course of this transit, lasting about six weeks. This is an excellent time to focus on your ideals for social progress, and how you can take your part in actualizing them. At this time you tend to be future-oriented, intellectually motivated and idealistic. You are more enterprising or ambitious than usual, and may be asked to play a greater role in your community or in another organization. During this transit you also may need to work through problems in getting along with social groups you favor. In general, the fruits of your activities in the public sphere will be your focus now, and you will work hard with others to achieve your goals. 5/8/2021 to 11/8/2021, exact 8/8/2021 Transiting Mars in conjunction with natal Mercury The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. This week-long transit will have the effect of increasing your verbal punch, or the energy with which you express your ideas. Your mind and intellect are positively affected, as well as your communication generally, and these areas of your life will be energized and ego issues brought to them during the relatively brief period of time this transit is in effect. You have an unusually forceful and strongwilled stance in your communication with others at this time. It is good for trying to get your ideas across or a plan in motion when other people need to be convinced. However, you may need to beware of being overly critical and sharp with friends and associates during this period of time. This is also great time to begin a new research project, or other primarily intellectual endeavor. Greater energy is also available for friends or perhaps for thinking about where life is taking you.

50 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2021 FOR EMILY 6/8/2021 to 12/8/2021, exact 9/8/2021 Transiting Mars in conjunction with natal Venus The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. You are full of relationship energy of all kinds during this transit, lasting about a week. You have loads of energy for your intimate partnerships during this period, which may manifest as an enhanced sex drive, or just more of a drive toward closeness and intimacy. Affected also are your sense of aesthetics, and your values generally, and these areas will also be enhanced and energized during the course of this transit. It is a good time to involve yourself in artistic projects, or creative work of any kind. You will undoubtedly be more responsive to your surroundings than usual, and you may also experience an increased sociability at this time. It is a great time to go to a party, or to give one. You are not much interested in work and the harsh realities during this period, being more engaged in love and the joyous abundance of life. 6/8/2021 to 9/8/2021, exact 7/8/2021 Transiting Mars in quintile with natal Pluto The planetary energies are positively linked, subtle, and spiritual in dimension. Conflicts may come up for you during this relatively brief period of time. During this approximately week-long transit, your assertion and goal-directed activity will likely be subject to some drastic stresses, for the purpose of bringing to light the inner workings of repressed impulses you may have in these areas. The challenges forced upon you at this time can be difficult and painful. You need to have faith in your own process at this time, to guide you through these events to emerge on the other side, calm once more, and even more wholly yourself than before you went through them. 7/8/2021 to 24/11/2021, exact 2/10/2021 R Transiting Chiron in square with natal Moon The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. You are experiencing a process of emotional pain, and a transformation of the nurturing or feminine in you, leading to some significant and far-reaching changes. Issues may arise with important female figures in your life, perhaps your mother or a significant other, as well as with the feminine side of your own nature. Life can be seem difficult at this time. Something deep inside you, at the roots of your being, is going through a process of renewal. There may be old issues that have been locked away in your unconscious for a

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