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Natal Report Brenda

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20 NATAL REPORT FOR BRENDA horizons. You are courageous in expressing your opinion, have a keen intuition and make a good teacher. Your early beliefs may be characterized by adhering too strictly to a dogmatic and rigid set of principles, but you grow into a more mature wisdom in your later years. You likely have a need for physical exercise. You make a good teacher, and may also feel a calling to work with the disadvantaged. While open and honest, and intent on expressing your point of view, you may also doubt yourself in this area, seeming indecisive or rebellious. Your goals are mental and spiritual, rather than material, and you may search for a new framework of moral or spiritual values, rather than adopt existing outworn belief systems. Your lesson is to eventually come to the realization that the true source of moral and ethical valuation lies within yourself. The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally: Saturn in Capricorn (or the tenth house) gives an ambitious and clear-minded individual, with a strong sense of responsibility. You are persistent, careful and calculating, and have a deep urge for mastery and achievement. You are likely to place extreme importance on traditional values in reaching for the prize you seek, accomplishment in the eyes of the world. Like the mountain goat ascending you are cautious and rarely take chances, and may appear dutifully grim in your outlook. You may experience difficulties, limitations or delays in the achievement of your goals, but you usually achieve success in the end. You may have encountered problems in your early life with finding your own identity independent of parental figures, and you may now operate out of a subconscious fear that if you don't conquer the world first, then it will conquer you instead. When you are at your best, you can transform your struggle from a personal drive for power in the world into a model for others wherein the social matrix surrounding you is enlightened by your actions. Uranus in Capricorn (1° Cap 43') Uranus in the Ninth House Uranus in the Ninth House (or sign) gives an individual with an original and inventive mind, strong intuitive powers, and a love of philosophy and higher learning. With this placement you have definite religious, or quasi-religious beliefs, and these are usually expressed in an unconventional manner. You have a visionary sense of optimism and possess high ideals, and you are also apt to be nervous, or high-strung, and perhaps inclined to reckless behavior. You like to explore new perspectives, either mentally or through travel. You bring your own unique viewpoint to educational or pedagogical concerns, and may be an inspiring teacher. You can also be the rebellious type, as you have the capacity to visualize new possibilities rather than accept an outmoded status quo. For you, the

21 NATAL REPORT FOR BRENDA horizon line does not remain fixed, but is always moving forward into new territory. At your best, you have the faith to bring forth a new vision for yourself and society at large. The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally: Uranus in Capricorn (or the tenth house) gives an ambitious and willful individual who is rebellious of authority and also somewhat hung up about it. With this placement you are a definite non-conformist. You have a forward thinking mentality, and will not be satisfied with existing stagnant political solutions. You have a strong imagination and are so sure of yourself that you often cannot be argued out of your opinion, which can be a trifle eccentric at times. You have the impulse toward prestige and authority, but may find yourself bored with conventional approaches to attain worldly success. You may go through many different jobs and careers. You may also come into conflict with others over what are perhaps merely ego-gratification issues. You do better when your motivation is to benefit society rather than for personal gain. Your challenge is to move from a knee-jerk reaction against established authority, toward establishing your own personal authority, in your own way, to make your vision available to the social matrix surrounding you. Pluto in Scorpio (14° Sco 00') Pluto in the Eighth House The following paragraph emphasized: Pluto in Scorpio (or the eighth house) gives you a serious and willful personality, with an intense focus on personal transformation. You feel deeply, and may have an almost psychic awareness of the feelings of others. You have strong desires, and are singleminded about pursuing them. You may need to combat a tendency to manipulate others for your own purposes. You may also exhibit compulsive behavior around the issue of sexuality, or in insisting that you get your own way, and you benefit from loosening your grip. There is a tendency to project onto others the issues that you are called upon to deal with in yourself, in your own inner temple, and to seek to change your situation in the battlefield of sexual encounter rather than through the independent actions of your whole and entire self. You will likely go through many changes as the course of your life unfolds. The challenges that you meet are for the ultimate purpose of allowing you to see more deeply into your own inner motivation. You may become fascinated with occult studies as a way of tuning into a deeper reality than that of the surface. It benefits you to turn away from manipulating others and to learn to use your powerful presence to regenerate your own life, transforming selfcenteredness into a more spiritual sense of personal power.

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