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Personality Report Elisabeth

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14 PERSONALITY REPORT FOR ELISABETH Moon in inconjunct (within 2.2 degrees) with Midheaven The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. This aspect gives an emotionally sensitive personality who is nurturing and caring. You may be over-dependent on others for your own feelings of self-worth, so that it is important to you that others look up to you. You do well in a business setting, having a dramatic presence that gives you natural abilities to influence others, and an attitude of caring that makes you easy to get along with, but you may have difficulties due to being changeable or engaging in political game-playing. You set priorities based on people rather than strictly on profits. Other Natal Planets Mercury in Aquarius (4° Aqu 26') Mercury in the Eighth House Mercury in Aquarius gives a balanced and socially oriented mentality, insightful, analytical and detached. You have an inquisitive and scientific mind, with excellent powers of logic and reason. Your thinking is idealistic, yet also well grounded in reality. You are a good judge of character, and you are likely to work well with groups. You appreciate the beauty of things in the world, which for you includes both their utility and ultimate purpose. Your have a strong social motivation and strive in your communication and contact with others to advance the cause of humanitarian ideals. Others may find you almost too detached, and you benefit from expressing your passion when you feel it. Mercury in the Eighth House represents a strong mental connection between your inner awareness and your own dark and hidden realms of being. Your mental and observational powers are strong and your thoughts run deep. You have a deep-seated urge to communicate and connect with other people in more than superficial ways. Intrigued by the mysteries that lie within you and others, you have a passion for discovering the truth behind surface appearances. Your penetrating intellect will plumb the depths of any subject. You may not immediately express your ideas however. You may choose to express your opinions when you decide that the time is right, and can thus appear secretive. You may seem to be quiet and almost passive, but you are an active and acute observer of the world around you. Mars in Sagittarius (11° Sag 45') Mars in the Sixth House Mars in the Sixth House (or sign) gives a kind nature, and an energetic worker, with a tendency to be fussy over details. You possess

15 PERSONALITY REPORT FOR ELISABETH a tremendous desire to be helpful to others, and have a practical and hard-working orientation that assists you in making good on your intentions. You may however need to evolve through getting into conflicts over trifles. At your best, you have a real focus on the simple issues of life, and of the health of the body temple, and just showing up for what comes, day-to-day, that is essentially good natured and constructive rather than ego-oriented. You tend to be somewhat narrow in the application of your effort, and may need to learn to learn to start opening up to the bigger picture. It benefits you to take a more relaxed attitude and a wider and more tolerant worldview, rather than getting hung up on the minutiae of a project. Mars in Sagittarius (or the ninth house) gives a friendly and optimistic nature. You are likely to lead a physically active life, and are fond of sports and gambling. You are idealistic, outspoken and honest with your opinions. You are also likely to be spontaneous and even a bit impulsive. You can be scattered in the application of your energies, and it will perhaps benefit you to work at becoming more reliable. You have a great propensity for learning. Your energy is most naturally invested in adventures of the higher mind: travel, education, perhaps publishing. You like many different pursuits, and have a kind of haphazard way of going about things that can get you into trouble. You may tend to miss the details, by fixing your gaze on "the big picture." You also can be dogmatic at times, when you get too carried away with your own point of view. You profit by learning to slow down your enthusiasm and focus your concentration on reachable goals. Jupiter in Sagittarius (3° Sag 59') Jupiter in the Fifth House Jupiter in the Fifth House (or sign) gives you a generous personality with good vitality. You have dignity, pride and dramatic presence, and are courageous in your sense of self. You are likely to be a loyal companion. You possess excellent executive abilities. You like to show off your good side, and have a natural flair and sense of showmanship that carries you far in life. You enjoy the limelight, and would always rather shine out on a hillside than hide your light under a barrel. You are attracted to higher learning, and the fine arts, including the theater, and may try your hand at acting. You can also be extravagant at times, or suffer from errors in judgment. You may tend to overdo, and need to beware of egotism. You have good intuition; you make a capable leader when you follow your own inner guidelines. Jupiter in Sagittarius (or the ninth house) gives you an out-going and optimistic nature, very idealistic and high-minded. You are freedom loving, and enjoy travel and adventure. You possess an innate sense of spiritual possibility in ordinary life, and are especially fond of being in natural

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