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Personality Report Greta

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3 PERSONALITY REPORT FOR GRETA The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally: Neptune in Scorpio (or the eighth house) gives an individual with great personal magnetism. You have a subtle intuition and an unusually clear insight into the motivations of others. You also may unconsciously try to control other people, or act in somewhat unreliable ways. You have an ideal of selfsacrifice in partnership with others, and tend to give more than you receive, which can lead in the end to resentment on your part, or just disappearing. Otherworldly affairs may interest you more than everyday ones, and you may be drawn to psychic matters or occult studies. Your dreams are very important to you, and through them you may learn significant information. You are likely to possess an enjoyment of sensual pleasures or luxuries. You may also have some confusion regarding sexuality and with what you truly desire from relationships. You benefit from bringing greater clarity to your personal values, your relation to the material world and to other people. Important Features Mercury in Taurus (27° Tau 33') Mercury in the Ninth House Ruler of rising sign Mercury in Taurus gives a slow and conservative type of mentality, well grounded in reality. With this placement you learn more from practical matters than from schooling. Ideas become much more important to you when they have a practical application. You are likely to have an artistic quality of mind, with a well-developed aesthetic sense. You also have a strong tendency to go your own way and to believe what you want to believe. You benefit from cultivating a more open-minded attitude. Mercury in the Ninth House represents a strong mental connection between your inner awareness and the natural laws of expanded perspective: higher learning, philosophy or religion. You have a keen-witted and idealistic mentality, with great powers of logic and deduction. You enjoy a wide range of studies, through reading and travel. You are also naturally inclined to teach what you perceive and discover, for your idealism is strong. You are very direct in thought and expression and will say exactly what is on your mind, giving you a reputation for lack of tact. You may be subject to visualizing grand possibilities and centering your perceptions on the larger issue, rather than on the details. Your thought process is better suited for exploring and advancing your position on a particular topic than for cautious investigation of every angle. You are the consummate student and teacher of life, at your best when you can exchange ideas with others and constantly expand your perceptions.

4 PERSONALITY REPORT FOR GRETA Chiron in Pisces (13° Pis 46') Chiron in the Sixth House Chiron in the Sixth House (or sign) represents issues with one's vital force of improving and organizing more efficient ways to serve self and others. With this placement you are more or less compulsively drawn to the issues of organization, and personal sickness and health, as well as service to other people. You may experience some degree of suffering through ill-health, either real or imagined, or through over-doing for others in a service role, perhaps as a member of an organization or work place. You may experience painful realizations around the possibility of perfection in this life time, such as keeping the perfect house in order at all times, so that it becomes an obsession, or the quest for the perfect body. These issues may stem from early childhood, in relation to being put in a position of servitude against your will, or challenged in your developing feelings of selfworth, so that issues of making yourself available to others become both a habit and a source of painful memories in your adult life. Or these issues may operate more at the level of the fantasy and the imagination. It is important to get as conscious as possible with these issues, to discover what actual events may have been essential to forming the constellation of your inner life. As long as these issues remain locked away in your unconscious they are basically toxic to your healthy self-image, and they backfire on you when you least expect them to, and may eventually manifest as actual ill-health. As you become more conscious of these patterns deep within you the healing can begin, enabling you to be of true service to others, as you operate from a place of joy and wellbeing, rather than from a place of resentment and frustration. By doing this work on yourself, you get more clear, and you gain a truer perspective on yourself and your life's journey. As you are better able to nourish yourself with what you actually need, you are better able to help others as well. The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally: Chiron in Pisces (or the Twelfth House) represents issues with one's vital force to be at home in the world of physical manifestation. You may feel frustrated and alienated from rest of mankind, or more at home in a world of fantasy than in dealing with what is laughably called "the real world". You have a talent for that which is beyond this world, and can make your mark on it in your own particular fashion, which may perhaps be achieved in the worlds of music, or poetry, or as a seeker for higher truth. But these are ways of being in the world without actually participating in it. Possibly there were painful episodes from early childhood that drove you into a world of your own, but you have come to be quite at home in this world, and the issue for you is coming out with style and dignity, rather than by totally abandoning your inner cosmos. Again and again, you

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