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Personality Report Greta

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5 PERSONALITY REPORT FOR GRETA attempt to be a part of it all, just like everyone else, and again and again it just doesn't quite work. There may be many painful episodes before you realize that what is "for everyone" out there is just not for you at all. You may do work with other people, in helping them to be peaceful and comfortable in connecting their own lives to a higher truth, without ever really getting it yourself. Of course one is tempted to blame oneself for this sort of failure to connect. There are deep emotions associated with withdrawal from the world that must be examined if you are to begin to operate from a feeling of wholeness and truly make your own way. There is a part of yourself that has been carefully hidden away, defended from the pressures of consensus reality, and it may take a lot of work to get in touch with these dark places. It may be that you come to a sense of peace with your darker, more hidden self only after a long period of soul-searching. When you begin to make your way on this process of integration, then you find that there really is a way to be a part of the world at large, to participate and share in its wonders and its disasters too, without giving anything up. It is not easy to make this transformation, but it is vital to your emotional health and well-being, and makes it possible for you to reach out to others as well, who may be fumbling towards a similar apotheosis. Pluto in Virgo (9° Vir 40'R) Pluto in the Twelfth House Pluto in the Twelfth House (or sign) gives a "divine discontent" to the personality. With this placement, you may feel confined and limited in the physical world, perhaps feeling more at home in the world of unconscious fantasy. There may be a way that you are not accepting your own power. You may compulsively try to escape the physical plane of existence, by whatever means come readily to you, especially if Pluto is poorly aspected in your chart. In any case you are likely to feel preoccupied with your own inner world, or may find yourself so sensitive to the pain and suffering of others that you retreat from fully involving yourself with them. There are places within yourself where you fear to tread, and the danger is that you deny an important part of yourself in the process. You have a deep need for spiritual renewal that does not easily find its resolution in everyday activity. You may experience confusion and a loss of identity until you make an effort to move toward a more universal sense of self, learning to subordinate your personal will to a more spiritual outlook based on the true needs of others and the life of the world around you. The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally: Pluto in Virgo (or the sixth house) gives you an intense desire to be of service in the world. This desire can take the form of a compulsion to help others in a way that may not truly be appreciated by the intended beneficiaries.

6 PERSONALITY REPORT FOR GRETA You are slightly obsessed with finding the purity inherent in human activity, and may well be a champion of the environmental movement, or exert yourself strenuously in your job or home setting. You may also become intensely concerned and perhaps even chronically worried over health issues, or you may be apt to stress over organizational detail where the intention is to purify the function of the particular activity, but where attending to the details can become an end in itself. You may go through many profound changes of attitude in these areas, in order to learn how to be of actual service to yourself and others. Creative outlets for your passion might be found in the helping professions, or in working on your own issues in such a way as to regenerate your values and life direction. When you have transformed in these areas you can become a beacon for others to follow. By staying true to your own inner guidance system, you make it possible for others to also, and further the cause of a more selfaware and wisely society. functioning planetary Moon in Cancer (13° Can 14' 30") Moon in the Tenth House The Moon in Cancer gives a sensitive and caring nature. You are protective of yourself and of others. Your sensitivity to others can be almost too well developed and may include psychic ability. You have a need to be nurturing. There are feelings of vulnerability with this position, and the past or old habit patterns can invade the present. You can definitely be moody. You are very emotional and have a tendency to withdraw from real or imagined injuries. The Moon in the Tenth House represents an emotional sensitivity to the experience of your acceptance in public career, your works in the world. Prestige matters a great deal to you. You may be ambitious in the outer world because you feel that you have something important to share with others around you. This makes you strive towards demonstrating your inner ability to be a leader. You have great inner strength and emotional control which you project outwardly as power. People may perceive you as emotionally cool, calm, and collected. Your sense of control and power gives you an air of authority. You have natural leadership abilities and you take the feeling of authority seriously as a demonstration of your self-worth. You feel a need to be connected to being useful in society and work well with the public. You truly want to see yourself serving the best interest of your community. You do best when you are in position to perform to the best of your qualifications, abilities, and talents and use your talents to improve the lot of others around you. Uranus in Virgo (1° Vir 12'R) Uranus in the Twelfth House

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