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Personality Report Peter

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18 PERSONALITY REPORT FOR PETER does not easily find its realization. You are likely to have been wounded in your sexuality in some fashion, possibility through early experiences that may even include abuse, either physical or emotional. As a consequence, being close to other people becomes both desired and painful. You may hold off the prospect of closeness with others with some carefully engineered defenses, such as retreating from expressing your true feelings by means of clever Dylanesque obfuscation, or perhaps by using other people before they have a chance to use you. If you do retreat into cleverness and mental gymnastics rather than risk staying with your actual emotion, you leave these feelings unexpressed, and continue a process of being out of touch not only with the intimate other, but with the deeper part of yourself as well. Your journey of discovery of your true emotions, the poignant and vital basis of your inner life, is ultimately the most important one for you, and provides rich rewards as you begin to consciously experience these inner depths of your being, over a period of time. In this journey you will re-connect to your own long buried emotions, and through this process to others as well. As you begin to find yourself and your power, and are truly able to work with other people, you may be able to provide a sense of hope to them in their own individual journeys as well, through the increased consciousness you have gained. The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally: Chiron in Taurus (or the Second House) represents issues with one's vital force to attain sustenance and possess resources. With this placement of Chiron you are challenged by physical resources, or perhaps spiritual resources, because the physical often reflects the spiritual. You may be one who has seen everything taken away at one time or another, or you may have risen above challenging circumstances materially to a better economic standard than your upbringing conditioned you to expect. Either way, you may demonstrate a painful attitude toward material well-being. Perhaps you have a fear of possessions dominating your life. Where others are able to count on their resources, either materially, or physically, or within their own psyche, and trust that they will have whatever it is that they need, you always find yourself suspicious that it will not last. Even if what you have is more than adequate by some standards, it seems somehow not enough to satisfy you. You may dream of giving everything up, and moving to the country. These feelings may also spill over into deep issues regarding your core values, that which defines you in terms of what you choose to support and give credence to in the world. You may feel at sea in this area, and not on stable ground, and perhaps be envious of other people who seem more sure of what they do and don't find attractive. These ambivalent feelings toward material possessions and your values may find their roots in experiences from early childhood, in

19 PERSONALITY REPORT FOR PETER which you were criticized or otherwise had painful experiences around what you wanted for yourself, independently from the expectations of your parents or other significant formative persons in your early life. Sometimes these issues are so painful that it is easier not to deal with them directly, and you may find that working with other people's material security becomes a focus of your professional life. In this way, you can work on your issues in safety, rather than confront potentially painful realizations buried in the depths of your psyche. But getting more in touch with these deep and partially repressed feelings is of ultimate importance for you, as your consciousness evolves. When you have confronted those parts of yourself that are painful and scary, and begun to integrate the feelings that you have buried away, you are more in charge of your own ship and the course you take through life, and are better able to help others with their issues as well. N Node in Virgo (26° Vir 45'R) N Node in the Twelfth House Lunar North Node in the Twelfth House (or sign). South Node in the sixth house or sign. This placement gives you a personality with a focus on spiritual rather than worldly concerns. Although the practical matters of everyday life come easily to you, you do not find your true happiness in the pursuit of mundane affairs, but seek constantly to expand your horizons mentally and spiritually to a larger and more inclusive context. This may be difficult, for the pull of everyday life is very strong in you, and in many ways it is what you do best. In the past, or in previous lifetimes, you may have made much of refining your abilities in the practical world. At that time you dealt mainly with issues of personal health or the welfare of others in small but important ways. Now, in this lifetime, your focus gradually shifts to a higher plane of activity. You find your mission not so much in day-to-day routine, but in sacrificing yourself to a higher purpose, to advancing beyond the material world, perhaps with a disregard for your own well being. By giving up your personal egoinvolvement in your actions, you are learning how to help others with true compassion. You find yourself going deep within to bring forth a renewed understanding of how to serve others, as you become an exemplar for a more spiritually based society. Lunar North Node in Virgo (or the sixth house). South Node in the twelfth house or sign. This placement gives a personality with a great desire to be of service to other people. In the past, or in past lives, you were dreamy and unfocused, and paid little attention to detail. You were in the process of connecting to your higher self, journeying back into the cosmic realms within your own mind. Now your focus must shift to the details of daily life, in a constant effort to improve self, to serve self and others, and to remain alert to the myriad mundane details of life that do not

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