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Personality Report Peter

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1 PERSONALITY REPORT FOR PETER Natal Report for Peter 15/9/1978, 07:30 AM PDT Los Angeles, CA (34N05, 118W24) Interpretation text by Henry Seltzer Copyright 1999-2012 AstroGraph Software - Your future is written in the stars Email: Chart Patterns Funnel, focal planet Moon You have the planetary pattern type called the 'funnel' shape (also known as the 'bucket'). All your planets form a group, with the exception of the focal point, one planet or two planets in conjunction (bucket handle). Your energies tend to be channeled through this focus. You will have abilities in the occupied area of the chart, and goals in the direction of the focal point. The focal planet(s) symbolizes how your energies will be expressed, and where you seek to have your needs met or achieve your purpose. The Moon in Pisces gives a sweet and gentle nature. You are visionary and poetic, and very sensitive to spiritual values. You are compassionate and empathetic with other people. You may be something of a dreamer, and you may feel the need to escape at times, for the real world seems too cruel and unkind. You have great sympathy for the downtrodden and disadvantaged. You may experience some suffering through your emotions, especially if your inner needs are not being met. You also have a tendency to be easily swayed by others. It is very important that you be true to yourself, and to your inner process of striving toward spiritual understanding and the gift of sympathy toward your fellow-beings. The Moon in the Sixth House represents an emotional sensitivity with respect to issues with service to yourself and others in the world. You are very conscientious and concerned with how best to serve yourself and other people. You perceive the chaos in the world, both your inner and outer world, as a reflection of an inability to perfect your own emotional processing. You can be nervous or high-strung. You are likely to be oversensitive about how you express yourself emotionally. You may feel a need to control your emotions with caution although you are adaptable to your environment. You are very aware of your need to be of service to others. You work hard and you can be demanding and critical of yourself. You may also expect others to work as hard as you. You will be better able to serve yourself and other people when you learn to come to terms with your sensitivity and begin to feel secure with your own emotions.

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