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Relationship Report Saida and Timur

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8 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR SAIDA AND TIMUR deepening of concentration in your feelings when together so that many and complex emotions are generated between you. You will likely feel the undercurrent of powerful feelings in connection with your partner, but these may be only partly available to your conscious awareness without doing some work and digging down to try to understand them better. This relationship tends to trigger and thus help you to understand poweroriented and possessive qualities in each of you. In a romantic relationship, you may find that some important level of intimacy is consistently blocked. This can be frustrating, and this placement is in fact a difficult one for romance. If you learn to trust your partner and open up to the process, this relationship can provide each of you with an opportunity heal fears surrounding the issue of emotional closeness and sexuality. One of the main lessons of this relationship may in fact be to learn to master and bring to consciousness these hidden drives within each of you, transforming this energy into a sustaining healing power for yourselves and those around you. Angular Planets Sun, Moon, Rising Sign Features Leo Rising The composite Rising Sign is the image that this partnership presents to others and characterizes the nature of the relationship. With Leo rising in your composite chart, your relationship tends to orient itself toward leadership and creativity. You may find that you display a marked dramatic flair when you are with each other. Together you are likely to be extroverted and assertive, perhaps more so than when you operate on your own behalf. Your ruling planet is the Sun, and the two of you are likely to demonstrate confidence as a partnership, along with great energy, courage and honesty. Your relationship also tends to bring out the integrity of each partner and may catapult you into positions as leaders within your circle. You might only need to beware of a tendency toward self-indulgence. In a romantic relationship, you two expect to be the center of attention, and often are. People may find your self-promotion excessive but will also likely forgive you for your excesses. You are both charming and charmed when you are together, and exhibit great warmth, and a sense of play with each other that can be an important factor in keeping the spark alive. You are also quite determined as a partnership and usually get your way when you really want to. Your challenge is to transform any tendency toward arrogance or egotism in the direction of greater humility and compassion, and to learn detachment in the gift of your affections.

9 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR SAIDA AND TIMUR Composite Sun in square (within 4.5 degrees) with Ascendant Ruler of rising sign The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect between the Composite Sun and Ascendant signifies a relationship that is strong-willed and forceful in regard to the impact that it makes in the world. As a partnership, you are likely to be dramatic and assertive, also creative, self-confident and self-indulgent. One or both of you may exhibit this type of willful behavior, and when you come together as a team the effect is magnified. You must beware of leaning on others too much by the sheer intensity of your energy. You also may experience a form of power struggle within the relationship, in which you vie for who has the greatest effect on shared direction and purpose. When you entertain or make a social impact as a couple, you expect to be the center of attention, and often are. Your challenge in all this is to stay centered and to become more self-aware, to refrain from arrogance or egotism, and rather to develop humility and compassion for others around you. Composite Mercury in square (within 3.0 degrees) with Ascendant The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect between Composite Mercury and Ascendant signifies a relationship that is focused on communication and mental pursuits. As a partnership, you are quickwitted and glib, and you may turn to writing or public speaking as a way to share your enthusiasm for your ideas. You enjoy exchanging information with each other, although you should beware of a tendency for one of you to dominate the conversation. Your pride in your mental abilities and education may overshadow your ability to hear each other at times. You are very fond of talking things out with each other, and when your communication is clear that presents a tremendous asset, especially in any form of romantic interaction. You may however sometimes work at cross-purposes in this regard and benefit from looking deeply into yourself when this form of communication blockage occurs. Together you have your own way of looking at things, and you may inspire each other toward a truly visionary outlook. Composite Jupiter in inconjunct (within 3.9 degrees) with Ascendant The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed.

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