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Relationship Report Saida and Timur

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22 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR SAIDA AND TIMUR Composite Mars in Leo (25° Leo 35') Composite Mars in the Second House The placement of Mars in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared activity in pursuit of partnership goals, and where ego needs may be identified. Mars in the Second House (or sign) brings out a persistent and patient drive in your relationship and gives it an endurance that may outlast many others. Your shared energy may not burst from the gate and it may take one or the other of you working individually to get things started, but once you do get things going, they will tend to keep going. Since money and security are important shared concerns this is a good placement for business partnerships. Taken to an extreme, your relationship can also bring out inflexibility in each of you or possessive attitudes. In romantic relationships, you may go out of your way to experience sensual pleasures and luxury. If there are challenging aspects to Mars, you could find that you need to work through a tendency for acquisitiveness, or resentment toward each other. As a partnership you are likely to have an artistic flair and you function well in the realm of the material and tangible world. You benefit when you cultivate an attitude of sharing and a more relaxed approach toward money matters. Composite Mars in Leo (or the fifth house) brings an energetic and passionate drive to your relationship. You two are likely to be physically active, especially around each other. As a partnership, you may move in a dramatic, ambitious and proud way. You will also likely enjoy recreational activity together. You each have tremendous vitality and courage in the context of this relationship, especially when it comes to the realization of your romantic dreams. It is important that you find a physical outlet for all the energy you bring out in each other, and you thrive in a romantic context on the powerful sexual connection that you likely share. To each other you possess an innate charm and animal magnetism that is central to the way that you connect . As a partnership you well know how to put your best foot forward, and how to bring others along with you toward your goals. You benefit when you can tap into the innate leadership that accompanies this placement, and practice effective delegating, between you or with others. Composite Uranus in Sagittarius (10° Sag 08'R) Composite Uranus in the Fifth House Uranus in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared experience where you will encounter unusual and unexpected circumstances and where the relationship benefits from lack of structure.

23 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR SAIDA AND TIMUR Uranus in the Fifth House (or sign) signifies an original quality to your relationship's creative expression in the world. It also brings out a determined, independent, impulsive nature in both of you, which may appear even in the very way you two came together. In a romantic context, you two may be unconventional in the way you express your sense of play and your sexuality. Children are likely to be a source of great interest but you may have difficulties in giving them steady warmth and affection. You can be very creative together, especially in the arts. You are fortunate in being able to support each other in the exploration and development of your individual talents. This placement supports innovation at the cost of stability, but stability may be overrated when things are this interesting. In any case, your relationship benefits from developing followthrough, focus and self-discipline in order to successfully complete what gets inspired at the start. Composite Uranus in Sagittarius (or the ninth house) brings to your relationship an original and inventive cast of mind, with strong intuitive powers. There is likely to be an inherent love of philosophy and higher learning. With this placement you two tend to share strong religious, or religious-like beliefs, although perhaps expressed in an unconventional manner. In a romantic relationship you have a harmonious higher mind connection with each other and will always have plenty to discuss. You are likely to enjoy the exploration of new horizons together, either mentally or through travel, and you might need to be ready to jump into the car at a moment's notice. You share a powerful sense of optimism and a tendency for reckless behavior at times, since together you may not always look before you leap, and you benefit from exercising caution when it is appropriate to do so. As a partnership you possess high ideals, and share a capacity to visualize new possibilities rather than accept an outmoded status quo. You may have come together in part in order to support each other through this very process. At your best, you have the faith to bring forth, in leaps and bounds, a new vision for yourself and society at large. Composite Neptune in Sagittarius (29° Sag 42') Composite Neptune in the Sixth House Neptune in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared experience where you will encounter idealization and nebulous spiritual feelings that will lead you to self-discovery. Neptune in the Sixth House (or sign) implies that there is apt to be both idealism and also confusion surrounding concepts of service and day-to-day work between you and highlights the distinction in your relationship between freely and reluctantly giving. This placement brings out a natural desire for you to serve each other, and to do so in a special way, which may originate in either a true

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