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Relationship Report Saida and Timur

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4 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR SAIDA AND TIMUR Chiron in the Eleventh House (or sign) indicates a relationship that provides an opportunity to face and heal deeply held wounds regarding your vital force around belonging to a group consciousness and integrating with the human family. In this relationship, you find yourself vulnerable to losing your personal identity to a group cause or belief system. You may find yourself attracted to membership in groups or social organizations and then have painful realizations while in the midst of the crowd. It may be that membership in a group or "incrowd" was denied you in your youth. It may be that your partner reflects the influence of a parental-like authority figure who forced you in a particular direction that you had no real calling for. You may have had to make the tough decision between abandoning your parental guidepost or your own true self. In time you can heal these wounds as you create a partnership and other friendships that reflect your actual ideals rather than consensus reality. Though it takes time to develop deep self understanding, it may be one of the most worthwhile of undertakings, especially If you want to become truly selfdetermined and independent of the strictures of society. You may find you are truly called to become an exemplar of a particular group ideal that is just breaking into the awareness of the world at large. You may be called to go where no (wo)man has gone before. Though it may take many trials and tribulations before you both begin to realize the extent of your true potential, the gold at the end of this particular rainbow is worth the effort. Composite Chiron in Taurus (or the Second House) indicates a relationship that provides an opportunity for you to face deeply held wounds with regard to your ability to attain sustenance and maintain possessions. With this placement of Chiron, physical resources challenge your relationship. One or both of you may have seen everything taken away at one time or another, or you may have risen above challenging circumstances materially, demonstrate a painful attitude toward material well being. Perhaps you must face fears that possessions dominate the life of the relationship. Where others are able to count on their resources and trust that they will have what they need, either materially, or physically, or within their own psyches, you may find yourselves suspicious that what you have will not last. Even if it is more than adequate by some standards, it seems somehow not enough to satisfy you. These feelings may also spill over into deep issues regarding the relationship's core values, or that which defines it in terms of what you both choose to support and give credence to. You may feel at sea in this area, rather than on stable ground, not sure about what you do and don't find attractive. These ambivalent feelings toward material possessions and values may find their roots in early childhood relationships, in which one or both of you perhaps experienced pain getting what you wanted for yourselves, independent of those

5 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR SAIDA AND TIMUR who had authority over you. Sometimes these issues are so painful that it is easier not to deal with them directly. Getting in touch with these deep and partially repressed feelings is of ultimate importance for the success of the relationship. When you can confront the parts of yourselves and your relationship that are painful and scary, and begin to integrate the feelings that you have buried away, you will become more in charge of your relationship and the course that you each take through life as well. mutually support each other in your career and professional life. One drawback would be that the focus of your lives together tends to be on work interests rather than personal ones, although this placement is obviously very good for going into business with each other. Talking about the world and your place in it is easy. The challenge is to remember to attend to your shared personal needs as well. If you can balance your need for outer achievement with your need for personal fulfillment, this connection will work well for you. Important Features Composite Sun in Taurus (6° Tau 49' 52") Composite Sun in the Tenth House Ruler of rising sign The placement of the composite Sun defines the core identity of your relationship, and the place where it finds its greatest vitality. It gives you a sense of the predominant flavor of the relationship. With the composite Sun in the Tenth House, you and your partner likely share a common interest in matters practical and ambitious. It is likely that you know exactly where this relationship stands and where you are going with it. This is an excellent placement for professional or business partnerships. In a romantic relationship you have a common set of goals and it is likely that you value each other as means of achieving recognition. You With Composite Sun in Taurus, your relationship centers on a strong practical base and a shared fondness for the pleasures of life. You work best together when focused on practical concerns. There is also likely to be a strong healing component to your shared endeavors and together you may have a reputation for loyalty and kindness. You also may find that the time spent together shapes and clarifies your values. In a romantic context, you two tend to crave the comfort of relaxing in the warmth of a secure, enclosed environment. Your ruling planet is Venus, and you likely focus on pleasure and material things Material rewards seem to come easily to you, and you often find yourselves in the middle of the good life without being excessively concerned about it. This relationship may take a while to get started, but once it has gotten its momentum, it tends to move along in a steady and very secure way. Although you two may seem quiet and

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