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Solar Return Angela

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7 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR ANGELA Over the course of this year you might overcome a major fear that has inhibited your self-expression in the past. In any case you will work diligently toward self-improvement. In the most positive manifestation of this energy the extra focus that you bring to bear will help to crystallize the most enduring and mature parts of yourself. Moon in Aquarius (16° Aqu 03' 26") Moon in the Fifth House The Moon in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of emotional intensity and challenge, which is also part of a process of purposeful evolution. There is progress from year to year, so that this year's placement builds on earlier ones. With the Moon in the Fifth House, over this twelve-month period until your next birthday you are likely going through some dramatic emotional changes in terms of how you freely express your creativity and your love. One thing is for certain; whether or not others respond, your need to be respected and adored is being made loud and clear. If saying "I love you" has ever been a problem in the past, then these twelve months may find you making up for lost time! In matters of romance, there is even a possibility that you will connect with a new lover on a deep emotional level. Your sexual encounters this year are likely to be enormously emotionally and physically satisfying. The overwhelming desire to express your emotions will be a freeing experience for you on many levels, especially if you have for some reason felt stifled in the past. Over the course of these twelve months, you will be eager to convey your passion whenever possible and without apology. You are more carefree and less encumbered by the notion of what could happen if you reveal your deepest feelings. You benefit over this year-long period when you enjoy any type of creative or artistic projects that may serve as an outlet. If you have children you are sure to experience a deeper, more exuberant emotional connection to them. Whether or not you have kids, the theme of children in your life and your instincts toward them are definitely emphasized. This year will bring out the child in you and your joy will flow more freely as a result. Moon in strong sextile (within 0.1 degrees) with Jupiter The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. With the Moon in flowing aspect to Jupiter in your Solar Return chart, over these twelve months leading up to your next birthday, your emotional emphasis is on expansion as well as enjoying a better sense of instinctive faith in yourself.

8 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR ANGELA Your emotions may be powerful and joyful over the course of this year-long period since more of everything is one of Jupiter's favorite themes. As a result, you could well experience an amazing level of soul growth. It's likely that you will feel a strong degree of emotion this year. Your sensitivity is enhanced while your faith in the good of mankind and the universe is abundantly present. Your enthusiasm and sense of hope is likely to be quite inspiring. You are indeed rich in faith and idealism right now. The conviction that rainbows are behind every cloud will be likely to color your attitude over these twelve months. Your values and ethics are also deeply felt this year. There is a sense of dignity and wisdom that surrounds your soul. You may find that you search for increased security during this period but if you do so it will be in the most moral way possible. An instinctive knowledge of the spiritual workings of the universe is available to you for the asking. Moon in inconjunct (within 0.8 degrees) with Mars The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. With the Moon in dynamic aspect to Mars in your Solar Return chart over these twelve months leading up to your next birthday, your emotional emphasis is on integrating your instincts and security needs with your desires. You are also intent on taking the proper action to ensure total security for yourself. This might be easier said than done. You may find that you often feel a combination of moodiness, anger and frustration. You're apt to experience situations that challenge your comfort level to such an extreme that action is your only choice. Still, it's likely to be an uncomfortable compromise to lash out rather than to passively give in. Emotional volatility could be a hallmark of your life as you move through the experiences of an interesting year. The good news is that for this year you are endowed with a spectacular emotional courage that can be coaxed to come to your aid when you need it. You will have an easy access to this energy and fearlessly attack anything that jeopardizes your sense of comfort. Just be aware that you also might find in yourself the potential to lash out and attack when you are feeling threatened. It's likely that the tension within you this year could find their best outlets in art or extreme work efforts. It is also possible you will be able to use this enhanced passion to help or nurture someone - or some project - that requires direct action. In this case your emotional excitement and powerful feeling nature can be of great service to a larger plan.

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