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Solar Return Angela

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13 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR ANGELA other types of relationship connections as well, including business partnerships. deceitful or destructive manner to those who might try to keep you down. You are very sensitive over the course of these twelve months to the energy of others. If you can manage to trust the cosmos to take care of where you are going with respect to your relationships, there are exquisite rewards to be gained from this awareness. The most positive manifestation of this energy lies in the ability you have to become emotionally and spiritually connected to a significant other. This year could provide you with some of your most unifying and inspirational examples ever of unconditional and transcending love. Pluto in Capricorn (20° Cap 45'R) Pluto in the Fifth House With Pluto placed in the fifth house of your Solar Return chart, over the twelve-month period leading to your next birthday there is an emphasis on transformation and regeneration of your capacity to give love and express yourself creatively, without dominating others in the process. The urge for inspired control in your artistic pursuits is likely to be strong. You will possibly encounter others in this area who attempt to thwart your power in some way. It is important to use your will constructively to assert your right to create freely. It is also of course important that you don't act out in a You could be prone this year to feeling as though your inner sense of joy is stifled. You may struggle to break out of the pressure cooker of life circumstances that you seem to have been put in. This is likely to be felt both in any romantic relationships that might take place now and also in your natural selfexpression, perhaps manifesting as control issues with others. You could also encounter manipulation, or cause it, if your energy is not manifesting in its highest potential. You may need to do some necessary discriminatory pruning of factors that affect your creativity. These might be inhibiting true and purposeful growth. Once you do, things go better. Your romantic life might also improve. You find that you can decide what is important to control and what is not; that you have the power to go through an intensely transforming experience and come out the other side more complete in and of yourself, without requiring others to be a determining factor in your experience. In addition to romantic transformation, you could make other transitions this year, such as with your children or with your artistic output. This is a perhaps difficult year of changes to your self-image and to the way that you show up in the world, which might serve to illustrate the maxim that it is trouble to be here in this life, and even more trouble to be

14 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR ANGELA fully present. However you slice it this is a necessary and important transition that you are living through. It enjoins you to live life as whole as possible, in order that you may rise to your highest potential. Saturn in Capricorn (13° Cap 57'R) Saturn in the Fourth House Saturn in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of additional responsibility and concentration, perhaps contraction, over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Saturn placed in the Fourth House this year, there is the potential for heavy burdens and responsibility within your family. In some cases this could manifest as a physical responsibility to your home. There might be problems with the foundation or structure of your living environment leading to essential repairs. It is likely that obligations to your family or specific family members will be severe. There could be a fear of family insecurity or the breakdown of a family structure in some way that becomes a strong emotional pull over this year. There is also the potential for you to face your fear of losing a family member as this energy could result in the illness of an aging relative, most likely a parent figure. You will probably face the reality of whether or not your family meets your emotional needs. There could be responsible or restricted nurturing experienced depending on your use of this energy. What you're most likely to come to terms with is the fact that family bonds and traditions will endure regardless of your personal sense of security within your ancestry. Other Natal Planets Venus in Virgo (25° Vir 52') Venus in the First House Venus in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of relationship intensity and focus over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Venus in the First House, your emotions are caught up in feeding your own needs rather than with the idea of partnership. During this period, your social expression is peaceful and charming. You are harmonizing your personality and identity with what you want out of life in such a way that your own requirements come first. Over the course of this year, something in your life is throwing you back on yourself in terms of relationship. You may feel the urge to reach out to others as well, but some fundamental part of yourself needs your full attention, and you wind up prioritizing your own desires over anything else. This could inhibit your relationship energy for others, but that may only seem to be a drawback, since there are likely to be some very good

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