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Solar Return Angela

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17 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR ANGELA effectively charm your way out of just about anything. You're likely to be able to influence the opinions and decisions of others thanks to your ability to balance any topic with effortless grace. period until your next birthday the emphasis is on your actions and beliefs. You may very well take actions this year that support or are consistent with your beliefs, and your activity level is high. If you are in sales you should have a fortunate year! Indeed, this is a good year for you to make any major purchase that requires negotiation. In general, financial matters will tend to flow more smoothly this year, and with better planning. Your relationships benefit as well. You're likely to be more interested in learning from your partner as well as simply talking and inspiring each other with your words. If you are a writer or teacher, or are in the arts or communication fields you will enjoy the gift of beautiful words combined with stylish expression. This is a good year to push yourself in these areas, one in which you are almost certain to be happy with the outcome. In any event, this year your ability to increase your sense of self-worth through applying your intellect is strong. Mars in strong square (within 0.6 degrees) with Jupiter The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. With Mars in dynamic aspect to Jupiter in your Solar Return chart, over this twelve-month This is an essentially positive year when you are likely to enjoy an abundance of energy and spirit to help you push ahead and achieve your goals. It is also possible that events will conspire to create stressful or even dangerous situations for you to deal with that will, in the end, enhance your understanding of yourself. You also could serve as inspiration to others this year, depending on how well you handle your drive and your opportunities. You are likely to be successful in the actions that you take, and your instinctive optimism could be contagious. This is also a time when you will likely be extremely motivated to pursue your visions. You might need to guard against too much unbridled optimism, or biting off more than you can chew. It's also likely that you will be placed in situations where you are impelled to assert or defend your beliefs and ideals. You might feel the need over the course of this year to defend a noble cause, or you might be seen as a leader who acts in ways that are consistent with your beliefs, and with dignity. It's possible that you will enjoy quite an improvement in your level of fulfillment this year in sexual matters as well. In fact, your general level of energy and vitality is

18 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR ANGELA increased now, leading you to get more done in one day than you might think. All in all, this is great year with chances for personal success and for you to demonstrate just how much can be accomplished with a positive attitude. Mars in strong trine (within 1.3 degrees) with Saturn The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. With Mars in flowing aspect to Saturn in your Solar Return chart, over this twelve-month period until your next birthday your energy will be put to work to create structure and focus for your activity. It's likely that over the course of this year you become disciplined and adept in achieving your goals. This is not a year when you will be intimidated by hard work. In fact, you may eagerly dive into whatever is asked of you. It could also be that you work to overcome feelings of frustration and limitation this year. You might be anxious to move ahead with plans and then things slow down. It can feel as if you're driving with one foot on the gas pedal and yet moving slowly as through mud. Or you might simply feel that, due to your current circumstances, you're not as free to act as you would like to be. Progress can still be made, although slowly. However, the results will be longer lasting. This energy can be used to your eventual benefit as you learn to condense your forceful output and work only toward that which is truly necessary to achieve your goals. Taking an organized approach to your endeavors will serve you well this year. You can be extremely productive and efficient under this influence. Mars in strong opposition (within 2.0 degrees) with Neptune The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. With Mars conjunct or in dynamic aspect to Neptune in your Solar Return chart, over this twelve-month period until your next birthday your energy could be directed towards spiritual or musical aims. You also might need to clarify feelings of bewilderment over where you are heading in your life. There is an inner mission that you are on right now that could supersede anything of a more mundane variety. This is a year-long period when you might need to constantly remind yourself to take care of the normal day-to-day requirements for living. Your head is in the clouds and your body would like to join it and leave the earth plane entirely. This is the perfect time for attending retreats or for more fully engaging in a spiritual practice. It's also possible that this year you will encounter massive confusion over your goals

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