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Solar Return Eva

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11 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR EVA This is a year when uncertainty reigns, both with regard to your living space and for your life in general. The walls around your home may become metaphorically invisible and personal space could vanish. You may experience difficulty with a potential move or there may be some other sense of confusion concerning actual living arrangements. At the emotional level, you are questioning your most basic and fundamental concepts and wondering who you really are, and this can therefore be a time of great confusion and even of agonizing spiritual crisis. Once you relax and let go of preconceived ideas of what your life should be like, you can not only survive these trials but even thrive amongst them. Home life, including your emotional as well as your physical space, is one factor that is up for confusion, illusion and reexamination, and your relationship with family is another. You will likely have an increased awareness of your deeper soul lessons and the karma with which you and your clan share. Your emotions are sensitive now and your opinions easily influenced by others. You could be asked to make a sacrifice on the part of another family member, and your compassion will be stirred. It is important that you are careful to consult your own feelings and ensure your own safety in these matters as well as those of others around you. Over the course of the year, your home and family life might seem more of a mystery than a settled reality for you. There could be a sense of bewilderment associated with relationship to kin and tribe. You might come to realize that you are exploring the deeper meaning of your connections with family, and come to a more spiritual basis for seeing these things that could extend profitably to other aspects of your life as well. During a year that might have moments of feeling like a lost soul, you are being challenged and guided to begin to discover your way home through an enhanced awareness of your spirituality and of who you really are at core level. Mars in Leo (5° Leo 36') Mars in the Ninth House Mars in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of outwardly expressed energy and focus over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Mars in the Ninth House, this year your energy expenditure is defined by striking out in your own direction to articulate what you believe in. You might even have to fight for your ideals and for the right to assert your truth, and you are likely to display great courage and persistence in pursuing these types of goals. The downside is that If you force your opinions on others it's likely that their resentment will backlash onto you. Make the decision early on in the year about whether you're going to use this energy in struggling and being angry or in striving to become a

12 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR EVA positively motivated warrior of spirit. The desire to assert your higher mind is strong and you'll do well attempting anything that stimulates the expansion of your consciousness. The Ninth House rules travel as well as higher mind. Your energy for going places will be strong and could lead to conflicts. If you are involved in any legal matters this year there may also be some clashes in the matter. Sharp, defensive litigation is likely. You may even be attacked morally. You might also have a difficult time this year with in-laws. In the right setting and frame of mind, the positive energy you'll find this year is nothing short of inspirational. You can motivate others to believe in the impossible, to pursue it and ultimately to achieve it. Saturn in Capricorn (17° Cap 08'R) Saturn in the Second House Saturn in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of additional responsibility and concentration, perhaps contraction, over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Saturn placed in the Second House this year, the emphasis is on facing the reality of your finances while creating a more solid foundation around your talents and self worth. It's possible for this year to feel overshadowed by the grim reaper in terms of your income. The tightness in your budget can be crushing if you have been irresponsible with finances in the recent past. You will likely need to pare down to the bare essentials. There might be a fear of poverty that you must address. If you face this apprehension with a realistic strategy you'll establish the proper structures in your financial world to avoid hardship in the future. Either way, you're likely to work harder for your money this year. There's likely to be a fear of cultivating a specific talent. If you channel this energy to formally nurture your ability then you'll eliminate a great deal of anxiety. It is also possible for you to experience a restriction in self worth. Realize how important it will be to address this internal conflict. Otherwise you could sabotage your own success. The great lesson implied this year is that you can become victorious in what you are naturally good at so long as you're willing to do the requisite work. Other Natal Planets Mercury in Leo (4° Leo 09'R) Mercury in the Ninth House Mercury in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of mental intensity and focus over this twelve-month period until your next birthday.

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